If you’re having trouble differentiating between heels and wedges, you’re not alone. The two elevated footwear styles have a lot of similarities, but they’re not quite the same thing. So, what’s the difference, and which is better, wedges or heels?

The shoe experts at Vionic are seasoned in all types of heels, and we’re here to clear the air. We’ll go over the defining characteristics of the two styles and settle the wedges vs. heels debate once and for all.

The Difference Between Heels and Wedges

The primary difference between wedges and heels is the soles on each style of shoe. With wedge heels, you’ll get continuous, solid, wedge-shaped outsoles that are elevated at the heel and taper down to a somewhat flat toe. On the other hand, high heels are also raised at the back, but the heel portion is separate from the sole underneath the toe.

Wedges fall into the high heel shoe category because they technically have raised heels. That being said, they’re also a category of their own. Find out more about wedges and heels below.


Many women love wearing wedges because they get to strut their stuff with the height of a high-heel shoe without the unsteadiness of traditional heels. When you walk in wedges, your weight is evenly distributed throughout the sole, which makes it easier to balance. This style of shoe happens to also be a great option if you’re looking for a heeled sandal to wear at the beach. The elevated heel makes it one of our favorite picks for beach wedding sandals.

Wedges come in a broad range of materials, colors, styles, and heel heights. Cork and jute-wrapped espadrilles outsoles are some of the most timeless options, but you can find leather, rubber, and raffia outsoles as well. As for uppers, sandals are common for wedges. We’re talking leather slides, strappy styles, ankle-strap sandals, and toe-post options. Closed-toe wedges with heel covers, sling-backs, and peep-toe uppers are also popular choices.

When you browse the vast inventory of wedges at Vionic, you’ll find a variety of styles with varying heel heights, outsoles, and uppers. We also carry platforms, which are very similar to wedges, except the sole is slightly elevated under the toe as well as the heel. Vionic wedges and platforms take comfort to the next level. Each pair has orthotics built right in, but they look just like any fashionable design you’d see at a department store. Looking for style tips for this type of shoe? Check out our guide on how to wear wedges!

Wedge Boots

You can also get wedge boots and booties. If you’re new to the heeled shoe game, you might be wondering, Are wedge-sole boots more comfortable than regular boots? They certainly can be, but it depends on the brand, the style, and your foot type. Vionic carries wedge boots, which, like all our shoes, are embedded with arch support and cushioning. When you try a pair of our comfortable boots for women, we’re confident you’ll be a convert.


As we mentioned, wedges are a type of high heel. Still, there are many, many other styles—some of which are notably more comfortable than others.

The most common types of heels include:

  • Stilettos with sky-high, pointy heels
  • Classic pumps, which have slightly thicker heels than stilettos
  • Kitten heels, which are essentially a shorter version of stilettos
  • Block heels that typically have a thick, chunky heel of medium height
  • Mules, which are a slip-on heel with no backing
  • Heeled boots, which can have stiletto or pump-style heels
  • Booties with thicker, block heels
  • Wedges and platforms

If you like to stand tall and rock a feminine look, high heels are a no-brainer. And yet, they have a bad rap for causing foot pain and discomfort. Wouldn’t it be nice to wear heels without worrying about aches and pains? Believe it or not, it’s totally possible—you just need the right pair. And that’s where Vionic comes in.

The Most Comfortable Types of Heels

Despite popular misconception, not all heels are bad for you. Out of the styles listed above, the most comfy types of high heels tend to be kitten heels, block heels, booties, and of course, wedges and platforms.

To get the most out of a pair of heels, we recommend finding options with arch support, contoured footbeds, deep heel seats, and cushioned insoles. And as it turns out, women’s heels from Vionic cover all the bases.

In addition to platforms and wedges, we carry kitten heels, heeled sandals, heeled booties, and other styles with hidden orthotics. The way we see it, you should never have to sacrifice comfort for fashion or vice versa. With Vionic, you can have it all.


Wedges vs. Heels: Why Choose?

Now that you have a better understanding of heels and wedges, you might be wondering which style you should get. Some people may certainly prefer one over the other, and the reasoning usually has to do with thinking one is superior in terms of style or comfort. Having said that, when you can count on comfort and arch support with either wedges or heels, you don’t have to choose.

If you’re like a lot of women in the world, you probably have a weakness for shoes—and that’s okay! At Vionic, we think both heels and wedges have a place in every woman’s closet. Come to think of it, a few pairs of each isn’t a bad idea, either.

Think of your current footwear collection. We’re willing to bet you wear some pairs way more than others, and there are probably a few that never see the light of day. If you’ve ever bought a pair of trendy shoes only to put them on and feel immediate pain, you’re not alone. We’ve all been there! But Vionic shoes are an equalizer. With multiple comfy and fashionable pairs in your closet, you’ll suddenly have a whole new realm of outfit opportunities available to you.


Comfortable Heels and Wedges from Vionic

Unfortunately, wearing poorly designed footwear or ill-fitting shoes can lead to a wide range of foot conditions. If your feet could use a lift but you’re not willing to risk heel pain, a sore Achilles tendon, a painful calf muscle, pronation, supination, plantar fasciitis, or ingrown toenails, Vionic is here for you. Consider us your resource for comfortable heels that not only don’t hurt but that actually benefit your feet.

Vio-Motion Support

The difference between Vionic and other footwear brands is our exclusive Vio-Motion Support technology. Every single pair of our innovative shoes has cutting-edge, three-zone comfort for maximum stability, ultimate arch support, and soft cushioning. When you try a pair of our shoes, you’ll feel the difference right away. Additionally, all women’s footwear from Vionic comes in both medium and wide width shoes.

Aside from women’s wedges, platforms, and heeled shoes, Vionic carries many styles of comfortable shoes for men and women. This includes walking sandals, comfortable flats, loafers, casual and active sneakers, supportive slippers, and flip-flops. No matter the style or heel height, you can trust that Vionic shoes will provide the traction, comfort, and support you crave.

Shop heels and wedges from Vionic today to find chic styles suitable for any occasion. If you want more style tips or information, check out our guide on the most stylish shoes to wear with sundresses!

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