Beach Wedding Sandals

beach wedding sandals

Whether you’re a bride, groom, bridesmaid, or a guest, there may be nothing better than a beach wedding. After locking down an oceanside venue and finding the ideal dress, the next step is to pick out the perfect shoes. Will the ceremony be right on the sand or looking out over the ocean from a nearby venue? In any case, for breezy beach weddings, sandals are usually the way to go.

With beach-side nuptials, stilettos, pumps, and even kitten heels probably aren’t the most practical option. And while you might end up taking some barefoot photos with your toes in the sand, we recommend getting at least one pair of women’s comfortable sandals for the occasion. Not only will a pair of comfortable walking sandals provide support, but they’ll also complement the seaside theme.

The best weddings end with hours of dancing, and you shouldn’t have to sit out for any songs on your special day because your feet hurt. That’s why selecting supportive footwear is an essential part of planning a wedding. So, what are the best beach wedding sandals? At Vionic, we’re experts in all types of comfortable, supportive shoes, including sandals for special occasions. Consider this your guide to shopping for beach wedding sandals.


Sandals for Beach Wedding: A Complete Guide

The perfect wedding shoes will depend on the theme, venue, and your personal style. Beach weddings are often somewhat laidback with more of a rustic or boho theme, but this isn’t always the case. Oceanside matrimony can also be an elegantly modern event. For a destination wedding, the aesthetic might be more tropical. No matter what the vibe is, the perfect beach wedding sandals are out there.

Beach Wedding Sandals for Bride

As a bride, you want every last detail of your dream wedding to be flawless, and this includes your footwear. Many brides opt for sandals on their wedding day, even if they don’t tie the knot at the beach. While some are more formal than others and might be better for an indoor celebration, there are plenty of types of sandals to choose from.When it’s your wedding, you get to set the tone of the dress code.

Laidback and Carefree Wedding : Flat-Soled Sandals

farra sandal

For a laidback and carefree bridal look, you may want to wear flat-soled sandals. But just because your shoes aren’t elevated, it doesn’t mean you won’t look the part. You can find flat sandals with pretty embellishments and chic detailing, as well as simpler designs that won’t distract from your dress. Our Farra Sandal comes in an elegant cream color with a comfortable sole that will keep you supported as you dance the night away. With metallic detailing, you’ll have just enough embellishment to complete your bridal look.

Casual Wedding: Flip Flops

bella toe post sandal

If your beach wedding is more casual, there’s no shame in rocking flip-flops. That being said, you might want to consider a contoured toe-post sandal, like our Bella Toe-Post Sandal, which will have a similar design and way more support than your typical flip flop. Just keep in mind that with a flatter sole, you might be dealing with sand in between your toes. Of course, this comes with the territory of a beach wedding—literally.

Elevated Wedding: Wedges/Platforms

ariel wedge sandal

Do you want to wear taller shoes? If so, the best beach wedding shoes for brides are wedge heels or platform sandals. Unlike other types of heels, wedges and platforms won’t sink into the sand, which you definitely want to avoid when walking down the aisle. We love the look of cork, wood, and leather-bound rubber soles, as well as espadrilles. Now you may be wondering, what are espadrilles and why are they a good option? Espadrilles sandals, like our Ariel Wedge Sandal, are a simple, versatile shoe that provides an effortless beachy look. They will be perfect for both style and comfort on your special day.

Oceanside Wedding: Block Heels

peony heeled sandal

If you’re getting married on an oceanside deck, a grassy lawn, or an otherwise non-sandy platform, block heels can also be a great option. They come in varying heel heights, different strap designs, and endless colors. Block heels are comfortable yet elegant, and they’ll keep you steady on your feet. The Peony Heeled Sandal, is a versatile pair of block heels that can be worn for either a casual or elegant oceanside wedding.

Whether you go for flat sandals or an elevated option, make sure you take the height into account at your dress fittings. If you remove your shoes for pictures, will your dress drag in the sand? Where will the hem fall when you wear wedges versus flat sandals? Bring your shoes with you for your fittings and discuss your plans to keep them on or off with your tailor. In most cases, there’s a happy medium hem length that’ll work for all scenarios.

Beach Wedding Sandals for Bridesmaids

As we mentioned above, some beach weddings plan for a barefoot walk down the aisle or barefoot photos splashing in the tide. And yet, each bridesmaid should still have a designated pair of shoes for the wedding. Bridesmaid sandals won’t necessarily be different than bridal footwear in terms of style.

The best beach wedding sandals for bridesmaids include:

  • Flip-flops or toe-post sandals
  • Flat-soled strappy sandals
  • Gladiator-style sandals
  • Espadrilles
  • Slides
  • Wedges
  • Platform sandals
  • Block-heeled sandals

For a cohesive look, select elegant bridesmaid sandals that complement your bridal shoes but in a slightly different style. For example, if you opt for platform slides, your bridesmaids could wear flat slides, like these blush Roni Slide Sandals. Alternatively, bridesmaid shoes can be the exact same as the bride’s in a different color or with less embellishment.

Beach Wedding Sandals for Groom

charlie slide sandal

If you’ve also got your eye out for beach wedding sandals for your groom, we recommend toe post sandals or double-strap slides. For a more polished look, opt for leather sandals like the Charlie Slide Sandal. Boat shoes or slip-on espadrilles can also work. However, if you’re having a formal beach wedding, closed-toed comfortable dress shoes such as oxfords or loafers might be the way to go.

Beach Wedding Sandals for Groomsmen

Whatever shoes the groom wears, the groomsmen can typically follow suit. While they can certainly be a different style, it’s not uncommon for groomsmen to wear the same shoes and suit as the groom. For beachy groomsmen footwear, we suggest leather toe-post sandals, slides, espadrilles, boat shoes, or, as we mentioned above, dress shoes. Canvas sneakers can also work well with laidback oceanside weddings.

Be sure to prioritize comfort when picking out footwear for everyone in your wedding party, especially if you plan to keep them busy with bridesmaid or groomsman duties. As a bride, it’s up to you to provide your bridesmaids with guidance in terms of what shoes to wear. Whether you have a very specific style in mind, picture them wearing matching sandals, or want them to have the freedom to choose their shoes, be sure to communicate this clearly.


Vionic Beach Sandals for Wedding

Although wedding shoes are sometimes an afterthought, they shouldn’t be overlooked for beach weddings. Walking on the sand in formalwear can be challenging, especially if your shoes aren’t equipped for it. Finding the right footwear is an essential component of ensuring your big day goes as smoothly as possible. The good news is that there are tons of comfortable wedding shoes that will accommodate all your wedding day needs.

At Vionic, we believe no one should ever have to wear shoes that make their feet hurt, especially on their wedding day. That’s why we make high-quality, innovative footwear for all occasions. If you think you have to choose between the perfect sandals that complement your dress and a pair you can comfortably wear for hours, think again. With Vionic, you never have to sacrifice comfort for fashion. Each pair of Vionic shoes are infused with cutting-edge Vio-Motion Support technology, including all our sandals. What you get are supportive soles that encourage natural alignment in your feet, allowing you to move freely and gracefully.

A lot of our styles are inspired by a renowned podiatrist and Vionic’s surf-loving founder, Phillip Vasyli, who was determined to create a better beach sandal. From casual rubber flip-flops, toe-post sandals, and slides to strappy block heels, espadrilles wedges, and platform sandals, we have it all. Whether you plan to walk, strut, or dance down the aisle, a pair of beach wedding sandals from Vionic will support you every step of the way.

If you’re feeling inspired by these ideas for beach wedding shoes, check out our men’s and women’s sandals, and our Tide Collection lines today.

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