When it comes to seasonless footwear, sneakers are at the top of the list. They’re laid-back, comfy, and go with basically any casual outfit during the winter, spring, summer, or fall. Sneakers, tennis shoes, trainers, active shoes—whatever you want to call them, it’s unlikely they’ll ever go out of style.

You don’t have to be an athlete or even a gym rat to wear sneakers on a regular basis. If you like the casual sporty look but aren’t sure how to wear sneakers fashionably, you’re in good company.

Want to know how to style sneakers? The footwear pros at Vionic have all the tips and advice you need to rock women’s casual sneakers with confidence.


What to Wear with Sneakers

Sneakers are kind of like jeans in the sense that they’ll always be a wardrobe staple. There are endless fashionable ways to wear them, and you can pick and choose from various looks to create a vibe that works for you. All you need is a little inspiration. With that said, here a few key clothing items that will always complement a pair of stylish sneakers.


Jeans and Your Favorite T-Shirt

Speaking of jeans, a classic casual look for both men and women is jeans and a t-shirt. This also happens to be one of our favorite outfits with sneakers. Jean styles are a personal choice. Whether you prefer ripped, straight-leg, bootcut, flared, frayed, high-waisted, or skinny jeans, you know what’s most comfortable and flattering on your frame. Luckily for everyone, virtually all jean styles are currently on-trend.

For your t-shirt, a fitted cut in a basic color is always a good choice. If you’re wearing skinny or otherwise slim-cut jeans, an oversized tee will look fashion-forward. Just keep in mind that oversized shirts are boxier than standard tees. Try to find one labeled explicitly as oversized instead of a shirt that’s a few sizes up from what you typically wear. Another cool option for this look is a vintage graphic tee.

In any case, your sneakers should either accentuate the design of a statement shirt or make an otherwise neutral outfit pop. For example, if you’re sporting a bold graphic tee or a patterned t-shirt, opt for a simple pair of classic sneakers—white is a foolproof choice.

On the other hand, if you’re wearing a plain tee, vibrant kicks like animal print shoes will provide just the right amount of character to your look. When wearing sneakers with jeans, you can cuff the hems once or twice to make them really stand out. For outerwear, consider a leather jacket, bomber, or hoodless sweatshirt.


Athleisure Wear

The athleisure trend is here to stay, which is great news for people who prioritize comfort and like a sporty look, but what is athleisure? It’s an accepted streetwear style for both men and women, and for obvious reasons because it pairs flawlessly with sneakers.

Athleisure wear is a broad category of fashion that includes:

  • Workout pants, such as yoga pants, running tights, joggers, and barre leggings
  • Tracksuits and sweatsuits
  • Performance t-shirts, tanks, long-sleeve shirts, and crop tops
  • Athletic shorts, such as bicycle shorts, yoga shorts, and running shorts
  • Active outerwear, such as performance fleece jackets, running jackets, track jackets, full-zip yoga jackets, and windbreakers

You can find workout gear in many bright colors and patterns, but it’ll translate best to lifestyle clothes when you stick to basic hues like black, white, gray, charcoal, and navy. You can wear head-to-toe athleisure apparel or combine it with casual pieces to soften the outfit. We love the look of a denim jacket or a long cable-knit sweater over these casual sporty outfits.

As for your shoes, consider a pair of low-top white or black sneakers, which will look chic with all-black athleisure clothes. Another option is high-top sneakers in a lace-up or zip-up bootie style. You can also wear running shoes or another type of comfortable walking shoes for women with this ensemble.


Oversized Tee and Leggings

Similar to athleisure apparel, over the last decade or so, leggings have become acceptable for streetwear. Not only that, but they’re a wildly popular and arguably essential clothing item for women. In our opinion, a pair of black leggings (or five) has a place in every woman’s wardrobe. Having said that, you can get a lot of use out of other colors, too, as long as you know how to style them. And if you’re looking for an easy way to wear sneakers fashionably, leggings are the way to go.

Unless you’re in athleisure clothes or workout gear, the key to wearing leggings in public is pairing them with a long shirt or coat. Oversized tees and button-down shirts are excellent choices. They’re trendy, flattering, and will balance out skin-tight leggings. For this outfit, you can also wear a standard-fit shirt and throw on a long jacket or trench coat.

In terms of footwear, lots of sneaker styles will work here. A fresh white sneaker is one of our most-loved looks. However, a pair of fashion sneakers with animal print or metallic uppers will make this sporty chic ensemble really stand out. Slip-on leather sneakers can also look unexpectedly posh with leggings.



Who says you can’t wear dresses with sneakers? Certainly not us! At Vionic, we believe sneakers can be worked into any outfit, and this includes dresses. Whether you’re rocking a flowy maxi dress, midi dress, sundress, t-shirt dress, or even a skirt, tennis shoes are a perfectly acceptable and totally stylish footwear option. In fact, we love how effortlessly you can dress down almost any type of dress with the right pair of shoes.

You can wear pretty much all styles of tennis shoes with this look. That said, your ensemble might look more cohesive with casual sneakers in more subtle silhouettes. Squeaky-clean lace-up white sneakers are a go-to, but we also adore the look of black, blue, pink, gray, tan, or red with a neutral dress. For this outfit, we recommend going without socks or wearing a no-show pair. To finish the look, throw on a leather coat or a denim jacket.



These days, jumpsuits are all the rage. We love the one-piece pants look and appreciate that it can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. With a pair of pumps or block heels, a jumpsuit can look strikingly elegant and sophisticated. At the same time, the right casual kicks can transform a jumpsuit into effortlessly trendy streetwear. And the same goes for rompers, which are essentially the same thing, except with shorts instead of pants.

If you’re looking for outfit ideas to wear with sneakers, opt for a jumpsuit or romper. Both often come in bold hues and lovely prints, which we’re all for. But if you wear an eye-catching jumpsuit, go for simple tennis shoes so that the outfit doesn’t look too busy. With a white, black, tan, or navy jumpsuit, go ahead and put on a pair of fashionable sneakers with fun embellishments or animal print detailing.


Casual Top and High Waisted Shorts

Shorts are a warm-weather wardrobe staple, and they’re more versatile than you may think. You can wear high-waisted or pleated shorts for fancy occasions, or you can throw on a pair of cut-offs for most laid-back events.

If you’re styling sneakers, we recommend going with casual wear for the rest of your outfit. Denim shorts are a safe option, but you might also consider chino shorts, linen shorts, or biker shorts for a sportier look. White shorts are perfect for summer. And yet, blue denim washes and printed linen can look fabulous as well.

For your shirt, go with a casual tank top, t-shirt, button-down, or even a long-sleeve tee for a little extra warmth. A pair of slip-on sneakers or low-top lace-ups will offer the perfect sporty casual vibe. To finish the look, grab a bomber jacket or denim coat.


Athletic Shoes and Casual Sneakers from Vionic

Are you feeling inspired to throw together some fashionable sneaker outfits? If so, all you need are the right shoes. Vionic is dedicated to offering trendy footwear options for men and women that not only look good but also provide adequate support, cushioning, and all-day comfort.

We carry stylish sneakers in casual designs, active styles, and everything in between. Consider us your resource for men’s and women’s sneakers that never sacrifice style or comfort. Whether you’re looking for shoes to wear to a special event or are in the market for everyday footwear, we have something for you.

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