What’s your fashion vibe when you’re hanging out with friends, on a walk, out to brunch, grabbing a latte, heading to a barbeque, shopping, spending time with family, or doing other laid-back activities? If you like to be comfortable and ready for whatever comes your way, the sporty casual look might be right up your ally.

At Vionic, we pride ourselves in comfortable, wear-anywhere styles. Our orthotic shoes for men and women are comfortably supportive and also completely stylish—you might say they’re the best of both worlds.

Vionic carries a wide selection of women’s casual sneakers, but what about the rest of your ensemble? Consider this your guide to laid-back sporty fashion. Keep reading to find ideas for cute, yet casual sporty outfits.


5 Casual Sporty Outfits

Both sporty chic street style and business-casual work apparel are having a moment. And while this stylish women’s clothing trend is both sporty and casual, it’s in a category of its own. It’s relaxed and chill but also dynamic and fresh. When you wear sporty casual apparel, you’ll look capable and fit—even if you don’t frequent the gym or boutique fitness classes.

OK, so what goes into a sporty casual ensemble? Luckily, you can rock this look while wearing many of the clothes already in your closet. For some inspiration, check out these five casual sporty outfits.


1. Head-to-Toe Athleisure

You’re probably familiar with the athleisure trend, but what is athleisure? It cropped up several years ago, and despite what naysayers predicted, it’s now accepted as a popular style for both women and men. When it comes to casual athletic outfits, head-to-toe athleisure is the way to go.

Since workout clothes and sportswear are made with performance fabrics, athleisure apparel can make you look and feel nimble. Start with a pair of yoga tights, track pants, or jogger pants and a simple tank, tee, or long-sleeve shirt in a similar material. If you go for high-waisted workout tights or leggings, a sports bra can look cute with the right outerwear. A zip-up track jacket, hoodie, sweater, or even a leather jacket will look great on top.

Tennis shoes are an obvious choice for footwear with this look, whether you opt for casual or active, comfortable walking shoes for women. For this outfit, we recommend sticking to neutral colors like black, white, gray, or navy. Blush pink, mauve, light olive green, and other muted shades can work, too. While athletic apparel comes in a lot of bright hues and bold patterns, neutral or muted colors translate better into streetwear.


2. Oversized Tee and Leggings

Another sporty casual style we love is an oversized tee with leggings. Oversized t-shirts are on-trend for men and women right now, and we’re here for it. Start with a pair of leggings—we suggest opting for dark hues, which are slimming and more versatile than lighter shades. Another option is biker shorts, which have become a go-to casually sporty street style for women in recent years.

Your t-shirt can be basically any color, pattern, or screen-print you want. But make sure it’s an oversized cut, not just a few sizes up from the size you usually wear. Oversized shirts tend to be shorter than regular tees and boxy rather than baggy. Also, with oversized shirts, you’ll want to make sure the rest of your clothes have a slim fit. In other words, we don’t recommend wearing baggy sweatpants with an oversized tee because it can make the outfit look sloppy instead of intentional.

For your shoes, there are a couple of routes you can take. Athletic shoes and casual sneakers are excellent choices. That said, sporty, slide walking sandals can also pair nicely if the weather permits.



3. Sweatshirt and Running Tights

A cozier variation of the oversized tee and leggings look is a sweatshirt with running tights. To get the sporty casual dress code just right, we suggest wearing a pair of black, charcoal, or navy-blue running tights (or other performance pants). Compression materials are great, and they can have a nice flattering sheen—just make sure you’re plenty comfortable and don’t feel too constricted.

For your top, wear a stretchy cami, compression tank, or a fitted tee. As for your sweatshirt, a fitted zip-up hoodie is a good choice, but we also like hoodless pullover sweatshirts in regular and oversized cuts. If you wear black tights, a black or white top will make your outfit look chic and put-together. Other colors and prints definitely can work here, too. Just try to stick to two or three shades.

As for your shoes, a pair of cute active sneakers are an excellent option. Casual slip-on sneakers or high-top bootie sneakers are also a solid choice. If you want to know how to wear sneakers fashionably with clothes that are monochrome or otherwise neutral, brightly colored shoes can make your outfit pop. Otherwise, you may want to stick to black, gray, tan, navy, or white. Crisp, white trainers look good with basically any casual sporty outfit.


4. Classic T-Shirt and Jeans

When it comes to casual attire, jeans are a go-to, and they look good on everyone. Not only that, but they pair well with most sporty clothes. For this ensemble, most styles will do, including skinny, ripped, straight, cropped, and distressed jeans. Standard blue washes go with everything, but we also like the look of white or black denim.

A t-shirt with jeans is a classic outfit that very well may never go out of style. It’s super laid-back, universally flattering, and appropriate to wear in most casual settings. A plain tee in a basic color is a foolproof pick. But if you want to look a little more sporty, go for a workout t-shirt, a baseball-style shirt, a polo, a sports tee that represents your favorite team, or even a jersey.

For shoes, we suggest sticking with casual tennis shoes or trainers. Again, squeaky-clean white sneakers will freshen up any outfit, but other styles can look just as sharp.


5. Shorts and a Jacket

One of our favorite casual comfy outfits is shorts and a jacket—two items that can probably be found in your current wardrobe. With the right pieces, you can pull off the perfect mix of casual wear and sporty clothing. Let’s start with your shorts. Denim or chino shorts can work if you balance them out with an athletic jacket. On the other hand, you can wear biker shorts, yoga shorts, or another type of compression shorts with a more casual jacket.

Sportier outerwear styles we love include performance fleece zip-ups and hoodies, all-weather running jackets, track jackets, and full-zip yoga jackets. If you rock activewear shorts, consider wearing a denim jacket, leather coat, bomber, windbreaker, or even a rain jacket—oversized cuts are great with this look, too! Under the coat, wear a simple tank or a fitted tee.

For footwear, we definitely recommend opting for some type of sneakers. If you wear sandals, you might look like you’re dressing for winter on top and summer from the waist down. With this sporty style, you’re going for a happy-medium springtime vibe. To complete the look, throw on a baseball cap.


Active Shoes and Casual Sneakers from Vionic

These casual sporty outfit ideas are perfect for running errands, going to school, working from home, catching a flight, road tripping, grabbing lunch, picking up your kids, or just hanging out. Even if you don’t have plans to work out, you’ll be able to move around with ease, which is ideal for anyone with a busy lifestyle. Whichever ensemble you choose, Vionic has the stylish footwear to go with it.

We carry women’s and men’s casual sneakers and active footwear in a wide range of designs, colors, and materials. Best of all, every pair of Vionic shoes is made with our cutting-edge Vio-Motion Support technology. This means they have unmatched stability, arch support, and comfy cushioning, all of which are hidden within the design of the shoe.

Our dressy, casual, and athletic footwear styles all support active lifestyles. You can feel confident, look fashionable, and move around comfortably and pain-free no matter the occasion.

Are you ready to start curating a sporty casual look that aligns with your personal vibe? Shop Vionic’s footwear collections for men and women today! Want more sporty inspiration? Check out our blog on tips to become more active.


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