How to Wear Platform Sandals

Summer is upon us, and at Vionic, this means it’s sandal season! Of course, sandals aren’t just for summertime and tropical vacations. They’re effortless shoes that complement virtually any ensemble. On that note, platform sandals are one of the most fashionable types of sandals, and limiting them to just a few months of the year would be a total shame.

Believe it or not, you don’t have to choose between fashionable footwear and being able to walk around comfortably, even when you’re wearing platform sandals.

When you know you can rock your favorite shoe style and remain comfy and pain-free all day, it opens up tons of outfit possibilities. If you’re wondering how to wear platform sandals, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for tips, advice, and ideas on what to wear with these comfortable walking sandals and how to style them.


What to Wear with Platform Sandals

Platform sandals are the perfect solution for those who want to elevate their style but can’t commit to four-inch heels. If you’re ready to reach higher grounds with this shoe trend, you’ve got options. There are so many ways to wear platform sandals, and you can make a statement while staying true to your personal style. Here’s what to wear with platform sandals.



A sundress is a classic warm-weather pick for a flirty, feminine, and laid-back vibe. While you can definitely sport platform sandals any time of year, they truly are the ideal sandals for summer. Lightweight and generally not form-fitting, sundresses tend to be more casual than other dress styles. If the weather permits, you can wear them to the beach, to a barbeque, while shopping, out to brunch, on a date, and pretty much anywhere else you find yourself this summer.

If you’re wondering how to style platform espadrilles, an easy-breezy sundress would be our first suggestion. With a pair of neutral sandals in brown, tan, off-white, white, or the natural hue of jute-wrapped espadrille soles, you can wear a dress in virtually any color or print.

Aside from a pair of platform sandals, which will flatter your legs, you really don’t need much else for this outfit. Grab a wide-brimmed sun hat, some sunglasses, a denim jacket if you’re heading out at night, and you’re good to go!


Maxi Dress

Platform sandals also pair well with a maxi dress. Maxi dresses are totally chic and always flattering. Plus, they can be worn day or night, basically any season of the year. Long, flowy dresses are both casual and fancy. You can wear one to a wedding, a barbeque, out shopping, or to the beach. Also, with a stretchy cotton maxi, you can tie the skirt portion into a knot to show off your platform soles.

Similar to sundresses, this simple ensemble will always work with lifted footwear, and you don’t need much else to accent your look. We love solid ankle-length dresses in both bold and muted colors, including olive green, blush pink, black, red, and royal blue. If you want something a little shorter, a midi dress is also an excellent pick.

With a maxi dress, platform sandals will be eye-catching and elegant yet not over the top. And when you strut your stuff in a pair of Vionic platforms, you can be confident you won’t topple over. To finish the look, we recommend statement earrings, big sunglasses, a slouchy handbag, and a light jacket if needed.



If you want to wear shorts with heel sandals, platforms are the way to go. Whether you prefer jean shorts, cut-offs, chino shorts, printed linen shorts, or high-waisted pleated shorts, chunky platform sandals will take your outfit to the next level. Not sure which shorts to wear? Our top picks are white denim or printed linen, both of which are trendy and tasteful.

With white shorts, opt for a black or tan top—either tucked in or loose if it’s a cropped style—and nude or black platform sandals. Black and white is a timeless, striking color combo in the world of fashion. With printed linen shorts, wear a black, white, or nude top or a shade that matches a color from the print. Similarly, your sandals should be a neutral color, but they don’t necessarily have to match your shirt.

To complete this ensemble, consider wearing a belt, a cross-body handbag, and a pendant necklace. If you plan to be out in the sun, a floppy hat or a wide-brimmed fedora are great choices for this look.


Jumpsuit or Romper

At Vionic, we’re big fans of jumpsuits and rompers, which are quickly becoming wardrobe staples for many women. Essentially, a romper is a one-piece clothing item that connects shorts with a top, and a jumpsuit is the same thing, except with pants. In most cases, jumpsuits and rompers are made of one material with a single color or pattern.

Rompers tend to be the more casual of the two, and jumpsuits are appropriate in many professional and fancy settings. That being said, both can be worn on a variety of occasions, and they look fabulous with platform sandals.

As with dresses and shorts, if the rest of your outfit is more vibrant, we recommend wearing neutral shoes to avoid clashing. On the other hand, platform sandals in bright red, pink, lilac, or another fearless color can make an otherwise neutral outfit pop. What style looks best with a jumpsuit or romper? For this lifted look, we suggest ankle-strap suede platform sandals or leather platform slides.



As we mentioned, heeled sandals are year-round shoes. This means you can wear them with jeans, which might be the most seasonless clothing item of all time. Do you want to know how to wear platform sandals with jeans? For starters, you’ll want to balance your ensemble with other all-weather pieces. In other words, we don’t recommend rocking a parka, wool beanie, or a knitted scarf with jeans and platform sandals because this will make your shoes look out of place.

For your top, a t-shirt, basic tank, crop top, button-down shirt, or cami-strap tank are all great choices. If you need some additional warmth, you can still wear a denim jacket, oversized button-down, or sweater without throwing off the ensemble. Although most jeans are blue, they’re considered neutral in the world of fashion, so you can wear pretty much any color with them. Having said that, try to stick to no more than three colors to avoid an outfit that’s too busy.

As for the style of jeans, you can really wear whichever type you prefer, including skinny, boyfriend, bootleg, ripped, dark-wash, white, or black jeans. Another option is cropped pants, which will display your ankles and accentuate the platform sandals.


Types of Platform Sandals

This type of women’s sandals is somewhat of a cross between a platform high-heel shoe and wedge sandals. Like other types of platform shoes, platform sandals have thick, sturdy soles that are elevated under the toes as well as the heels. In most instances, the sole is higher underneath the heels.

If you like the look that some types of heels offer but don’t want to struggle with the pain of stilettos, platform sandals are an excellent choice. The continuous, uniform sole really makes up for the areas where stiletto heels are lacking. This style can come in a variety of takes all with an elevate your foot and outfit:

  • Sandal platforms
  • Slide platforms
  • Espadrille Platforms
  • Flip flop platforms

Depending on the occasion, you’ll be able to find a platform sandal style for you. Do you need beach wedding sandals? Opt for a slightly dressier platform sandal like espadrilles. Going to lunch? Maybe you can wear a more casual platform style like slides. Choose a style that’s fit for you and the occasion!


Platform Sandals and Wedges from Vionic

If you’ve ever bought a pair of fashionable shoes even though they hurt your feet with every step, you’re not alone. But with Vionic’s trendy orthotic sandals, you’ll never have to do that again. When stylish shoes feel good on your feet, support your arches, and don’t create blisters or heel pain, you can express your personal style exactly how you want to.

We carry a broad range of women’s comfortable sandal styles, including platform flip-flops, slides, high-heel sandals, strappy sandals, flatform sandals, chunky heel sandals, wedges, and espadrilles.

To find your perfect platforms, shop Vionic’s sandals collection today! And for more tips on finding comfortable sandals, check out our list of sandals that are good for your feet.

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