What You Need to Know About House Shoes & Feet Support

You’ve been on your feet all day and only a good pair of supportive shoes have saved you and your feet from utter exhaustion. Now you’re back in the comfort of your own home and ready to relax. And yet, within a few hours of coming home, your feet seem more tired and achy than they were when you were at work. What gives? Chances are you’re not wearing supportive slippers.


Why You Need Supportive House Slippers

If you have flat feet or high arches, your need for proper orthotic support doesn’t go away just because you’re home. Between chores, cooking and simply walking from room to room, we’re on our feet a surprising amount of time at home, and wearing slippers with arch support can help power you through it all.

Walking barefoot offers no cushion between your feet and the floor, leaving your feet exposed to contact with hard tile, lino or wood floor surfaces. Flat slippers may be made with soft material, but without proper support, real comfort is lacking. Instead, opt for a pair of slippers with arch support. You’ll provide your feet with the support they need as well as cozy comfort!


Check out which of our Vionic styles we’re recommending for house shoes and slippers.


Grace Toe Post Slipper in Light Blue


Gemma Mule Slippers in Navy


Relax Slippers in Light Grey


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