Unstoppable Stories: Meet Asha

Our Unstoppable Stories celebrate the spirit of moving forward, finding positives even in the negatives, and never tiring of experiencing interesting things. We’ve found that when you’re comfortable, you can focus on what matters. When you feel good, you always put your best foot forward because:

When you’re comfortable, you’re unstoppable.

Meet Asha Leo, TV host and world traveler. Learn more about her story, her passion for travel, and what makes her unstoppable.

“Friends joke that I’m like a giant sponge, eager to soak up as much as life can offer. I’ll try anything once, whether it’s diving with great white sharks, jumping out of planes, running a marathon or tasting native cuisine and delicacies.” Asha’s unstoppable spirit has been the driving force of an eclectic and dynamic career, from modeling to broadcasting, that’s taken her all over the world. “Getting to share in people’s passions and understand what motivates them is a privilege. I enjoy all spectrums of life, I’m just as comfortable in the haute couture of the fashion world as I am playing in mud!” Follow her video blog at and continue reading to hear Asha, in her own words!


Can you introduce yourself?

Hi, I’m Asha Leo! I’m from London and I live in Los Angeles. I created this concept called Asha Attempts and it lives on YouTube. It came from this place of wanting to inspire people to do more. Sometimes, some goals will seem unachievable, unrealistic and too huge to ever be able to tackle, which normally puts people into a place of fear and inaction. So, my whole idea was to encourage people to just give it a try because it doesn’t matter if you fail. You are doing something – some movement, one step in the direction you want to go – and you will always be thankful for that. I found that pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is when miraculous things happen. That’s when you find a part of yourself that makes you believe you really can do anything. For some people, it might be asking for a raise or asking that special person out. For me, I love adventurous things so it would be diving with great white sharks or trekking in the jungle for the wild silverback mountain gorillas. Those are the kinds of things that feed me and every time I push myself, I learn something new. I learn who I am, I connect more to my purpose and that always translates back into how I am in the world. For me, it’s helped me love myself more.


How are you unstoppable?

I’d like to think that I am unstoppable because I don’t believe in the word can’t. I don’t think that it’s not possible to do something. Even if I try and make an attempt, at least I’ve tried. I have this acronym called FAIL, which means your first attempt in learning. So, if you just keep going, it makes you unstoppable. You are unstoppable if you just make an attempt to do something. I think it’s such a good way to live your life and I think being unstoppable carries into so many aspects. So many people, I think, think of it more as an action. I think being unstoppable is a feeling too. I think it’s about how you care for one another and how you care for the world at large. I think being unstoppable makes you realize that there are no limits. The only limit you put in the world is what you put on yourself and you just have to try. It’s okay to fail, but you just have to try. One year from today you will be so happy that you at least made that attempt.


Can you tell us about your next big adventure?

I’ve learnt that the best parts of life come when you are in service of others. My travels around the world have led me to understand that the true purpose of life is giving back. I’m half Indian and I have the opportunity to work with an anti-child sex trafficking charity in India, so that’s my next big adventure. I’m going to go and meet all the people who are on the team and some of the children who have been rescued. I’m going to hear their story and learn what life is like for them now. Then, I will come back here and tell the world about their struggle and hopefully help them out. I know that by having that experience, there is a whole new part of me that is going to open up and I think that’s part of being unstoppable. I don’t know the limits of what Asha is capable of and all these new experiences feed into that.

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