As a nurse, you spend many your working hours standing and walking around, which is why comfortable, supportive footwear is a must. On top of that, the floors of hospitals, operating rooms, and clinics can be slick, so you’ll want to look for a pair of slip-resistant shoes as well.

If you think comfortable, supportive, non-slip shoes can’t possibly be stylish, you’re not alone. Occupational footwear and orthotics have a reputation for being unflattering, but the innovative footwear enthusiasts at Vionic are here to prove you wrong. There are several styles of cute and comfortable nursing shoes to choose from, and you definitely don’t have to choose between fashion and functionality.


Stylish Nursing Shoes You’ll Love Wearing

When you’re on the clock, you should be focusing on caring for patients, not distracted by uncomfortable shoes, painful feet, or slippery floors. Moreover, you shouldn’t have to settle for nursing clogs, running shoes, or other athletic footwear to remain comfortable all day. And when it comes to comfortable work shoes, there’s no reason why they can’t look as good as they feel. Here’s a breakdown of seven stylish nursing shoes you won’t be dying to take off as soon as your shift ends.

1. Avery Pro

The Avery Pro slip-on sneaker from Vionic is a classic sporty work shoe with a lightweight, non-slip design made for performance. It comes in three variations, including metallic, leather, and suede uppers, all of which are wipeable, weather-resistant, and repel water and oil.

But that’s not all. These professional nursing shoes have durable yet flexible rubber outsoles with patterned treads, dual-gore panels, removable EVA footbeds, and orthotic cushioning for superior comfort. With this trendy women’s shoe, you’ll get a timeless silhouette that complements any style of scrubs. Choose from blue metallic, silver, rose gold, charcoal, light blue, sorbet (pink), white, or black.

2. Fiona Pro Slip-On

Vionic’s Fiona Pro Slip-On is a contemporary and comfortable nursing shoe for women who spend long hours on their feet. The casual yet professional style is flattering, versatile, and totally chic. With a lightweight design, the Fiona Pro features our exclusive Vio-Grip Technology, meaning the outsoles are performance-tested for slip-resistance and shock absorption.

These stylish nursing shoes also have removable, mesh-wrapped EVA footbeds, which you can replace with the arch support inserts of your choice. Professionals who rock these shoes are often pleasantly shocked that their feet don’t hurt after a long day at work. The sleek and shiny synthetic uppers come in the option of black or navy and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

3. Marlene Pro Slip-On Sneaker

For a more athletic style, consider the Marlene Pro Slip-On Sneaker, a light and sporty nurse shoe ideal for active nurses and other healthcare workers. This pro-grade tennis shoe has an adjustable crossover strap, which is both practical and trendy. The Vio-Grip outsoles have a hexagonal tread pattern and offer slip-resistance, traction, and just the right amount of grip on all types of floors.

These shoes have a mesh-wrapped removable insole and a roomy toe box, along with breathable mesh uppers in three sophisticated colors: black, grey, and navy. Due to its supremely comfortable fit, the Marlene Pro is a professional wardrobe staple for many nurses.

4. Juliana Pro Slip-On Sneaker

The Juliana Pro Slip-On Sneaker is a cute, simple, and endlessly versatile option for nurses. Like all footwear from the Vionic Pro collection, these laceless active-style shoes have sturdy, anti-slip outsoles that meet professional performance standards. They also have removable, mesh-wrapped EVA footbeds that can be replaced with the orthotic inserts best suited for your foot type and lifestyle.

Juliana slip-ons have twin gore panels, which enhance their comfort and make them easy to take on and off. The breathable mesh uppers are designed to keep you cool and comfy, even throughout an extra-long shift. Color options include slate grey, black, dusty purple, ocean (light blue), pink, and sage (greyish-green).

5. Kiara Pro Sneaker

If you tend to choose athletic shoes for work but want something designed specifically for professional wear, the Kiara Pro Sneaker might be your best bet. These lace-ups have a padded collar and are reminiscent of your favorite running shoe or pair of trainers. They’re made to support active nurses who spend most of their workdays on their feet.

With the Kiara Pro Sneaker, you’ll get a non-slip rubber sole that’s lightweight, flexible, and sturdy all at once. Additionally, this comfortable shoe has removable EVA insoles with Vio-Motion support. Aside from being an ideal choice for healthcare professionals who reach a high step count each day, the Kiara is also one of the best shoes for standing all day, which can be hard on your hips and knees. The breathable mesh uppers come in periwinkle blue, navy, grey, fuchsia, and black.

6. Mable Pro Casual Sneaker

Vionic’s Mable Pro Casual Sneaker is a casually cool women’s medical shoe with a sleek silhouette explicitly designed for nurses and others with physically demanding careers. The lace-up sneaker has a reliable rubber outsole with a hexagonal tread pattern that’s performance-tested for traction and slip-resistance. With a pair of Maple Pros, you’ll also get a Vio-Motion EVA midsole with a removable, padded insole.

Our favorite part about these cute nursing shoes is the water-resistant and wipeable leather upper, which come in navy blue, grey, or black. The navy sneakers have contrasting light blue laces and outsoles, and the grey option is contrasted with a pretty pale pink color. If you’re looking for casual-chic professional footwear that goes with everything, the black-on-black pair is an excellent choice.

7. Men’s Landon Pro Sneaker

Stylish footwear from the Vionic Pro collection includes men’s nursing shoes, too. The Landon Pro Sneaker is an active-style lace-up shoe with an exceedingly durable, non-slip rubber outsole and patterned tread. When you rock a pair of Landons, your vibe will be laid back and approachable but also professional and sharp. Best of all, you’ll be continuously comfortable, no matter how hectic your job is.

The Vio-Motion footbeds have removable EVA insoles, which can be worn as is or replaced with any orthotic inserts. With breathable, man-made mesh uppers, the Landon Pro nursing sneakers will keep you feeling cool and looking confident on your busiest workdays. Color options include navy blue with white soles, charcoal grey with white soles, and black with black soles.


Professional Shoes for Men and Women from Vionic

At Vionic, we consider nurses, doctors, dentists, dental hygienists, and other medical professionals to be real-life superheroes. You help others every day, and we’d be honored to help you find supportive footwear you enjoy wearing. The Vionic Pro collection includes several fashionable picks designed to support the demanding jobs of frontline workers.

Vio-Grip Outsoles for Slip Resistance

What does Vio-Grip Technology mean, exactly? Each pair of innovative Vionic Pro shoes features outsoles that pass ASTM International F1677 testing standards for slip-resistance. They’re tested on various wet, dry, and greasy surfaces to ensure a safe design that prevents slips, trips, and falls. Well, what are slip-resistant shoes exactly? In other words, our sturdy Vio-Grip outsoles with patterned treads provide nurses with the grip and traction they need. If you’re wondering how to tell if shoes are non-slip, patterned treads on the sole are a good starting point.

Vio-Motion Support

Aside from professional-grade outsoles, all Vionic Pro styles are made with our exclusive Vio-Motion Support technology. This means that with every pair, you’ll get three-zone comfort with elevated stability, arch support, and cushioning.

When you slip into a pair of our comfortable nursing shoes, you’ll immediately feel the difference. For many, Vionic shoes can provide relief from plantar fasciitis, heel pain, and other conditions that cause foot pain and discomfort. Also, Vio-Motion Support is hidden within the sole, so you never have to sacrifice fashion for comfort.

Wearing and Caring for Your Nursing Shoes

Like most new shoes, Vionic Pro footwear may need to be broken in. If possible, we recommend wearing them for shorter shifts (or for half your shifts) the first few times. This will allow the material to conform to your foot and help your feet adjust to the orthotics.

To preserve the look of your Vionic Pro shoes, we suggest regularly wiping off dirt and dust with a clean, dry cloth. Liquid spills should be promptly wiped from the material as well. While all of our nursing shoes are resistant to water, they should be air-dried if they get excessively wet.

If you want fashion-forward nursing shoes that are safe and supportive, we have you covered. Vionic shoes are available in standard whole and half sizes, and we carry both medium and wide width shoes. We’re confident that once you try a pair of our shoes, you’ll be a convert. Start browsing stylish, high-quality nursing shoes from Vionic today.

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