Dr. Jacqueline Sutera knows her stuff. As a surgically trained doctor of Podiatric medicine, she specializes in the prevention and treatment of major and minor foot issues. So, in celebration of Men’s Health Month, we asked her to share her top tips on how to keep your feet happy and healthy. Keep on reading to find out what she had to say!

  1. Wear appropriate shoes for your activity. A lot of technology goes into shoes. For example, running and walking shoes are made for forward motion while basketball and tennis are made for lateral/side to side motion. Make sure to choose your styles accordingly!
  2. Replace any old and worn out shoes. A good way to measure whether your shoes are worn out is to run the “table top test”. To do this, put your shoes at eye level on your table top and examine the symmetry and integrity. You’ll want to replace any that have worn out heels or are not even and intact.
  3. Choose styles that fit you correctly. You want to wear shoes that will accommodate your specific needs especially if you have a wider foot, bone spur or bunion.  Don’t buy shoes that are not quite right just because they are on sale or because you like the style!
  4. Don’t wear hand me down shoes or purchase any second hand shoes. These have wear patterns from the previous person and can cause injury. Plus, there is also hygiene concern with these types of shoes!
  5. Wear shower shoes in public showers, hotels, gyms, spas, and around pool areas to avoid getting any foot infections.
  6. Remember to bring your own yoga mat to the gym and wipe it with a sanitizing wipe after each use! Also, avoid walking around yoga studios and gyms barefoot.
  7. Be cautious when taking popular gym classes like Barre and wear socks, or dance shoes when possible.
  8. Bring your own tools when you visit the nail salon and make sure to look for a nail salon that uses plastic disposable liners in the tub. If you cannot find one that offers this, make sure to bring your own tools and sanitize them when you get home, let air dry and store in a cool, dry place.
  9. Don’t shave your legs the day before or the day of your pedicure.  Shaving causes micro cuts in the skin and exposes you to germs, which can cause serious infections like cellulitis!

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