The upcoming Summer Games in Rio offer a chance to see unparalleled displays of physical fitness and aptitude, captivating millions of viewers all over the world. But between the extensive training and the strenuous nature of the Games, even the most talented athletes suffer strains and injuries. We spoke with Doctor of Physical Therapy and Vionic Innovation Lab expert Brian Hoke about the physical toll that this intensive training and competition can take on an athlete's body. Did you know that one in ten athletes will suffer an injury in the Games this year?

Listen in to find out about the most common foot and ankle-related injuries that athletes suffer, and why these issues are so prevalent. We may not all be elite athletes, but we can still learn from the best!

Trevor Prior, a leading podiatric expert in the field of sports injuries, suggests these tips for preventing sports-related injuries from happening to you:

  • Ensure proper fit. In a vast majority of cases shoes are worn too small, which can cause a number of issues including intense pain and discomfort.
  • Wear different shoes for different sports and activities. While some shoes have multiple uses, it is generally advisable to have shoes specific to each activity.
  • Maintain appropriate conditioning. It is extremely important to maintain flexibility and ensure balanced strength to minimize the risk of injury.
  • Pay attention to symptoms. The onset of symptoms such as the tightening of muscles during activity often signifies an increased risk of muscle strain. If a muscle starts to tighten then you should stop the activity, stretch and resume exercise lightly.
  • Listen to your body. Understanding that there can be daily variations in your ability to exercise and respecting your limitations will significantly reduce the risk of injury.
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