Are you looking for the perfect pair of boots but need a boot buying guide to walk you through all of the different types of boots for women? We’ve got you covered! At Vionic, we believe that every woman deserves to have the perfect pair of stylish, comfortable boots to elevate your wardrobe and make you feel fabulous. The volume of different types of boots available can make it daunting to choose just one, but we’ll outline the top styles of boots for you.

In our women’s shoe guide, we’ll educate you on the different types of boots for women and the different features to look for in each style.


Types of Boots: Top Styles

When you put on a pair of boots, we want you to feel powerful, beautiful, and ready to take on your day. When you’re choosing boots, we believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between function and style, you can have both! Whether you’re looking for ankle boots, booties for women, or anything in between, we’ve got all the information you need to find the perfect style to add to your wardrobe. Keep reading for an overview of each of the top styles of boots for women.



Are you looking for a boot that pairs well with any outfit? A bootie is a great boot option that offers more style than a traditional shoe, but with less height and bulk than a traditional boot. Booties are a great addition to any wardrobe as a staple boot style to throw on with a dress, jeans and a tee, or when heading into the office. Booties can range in the available styles with everything from more classic, pared down silhouettes to more edgy styles like hardware booties.

We know that you have a unique style to preserve, which is why we’ve broken down a few of the major categories of booties for you so you can see which one best fits your style. Whether you’re looking for traditional or envelope-pushing, Vionic has you covered with comfortable stylish shoes!

The Classic Bootie

If you’re in pursuit of a classic bootie that will offer the elegance and formality for the office while still being cute and stylish for drinks with your friends, the classic bootie is the right choice for you. Just because it’s a classic, doesn’t mean it’s boring! In fact, the classic bootie is anything but boring. The simple, clean lines of the classic bootie make it ideal for any outfit and lend itself to transitions from the day to night. We recommend looking for the classic beauty in an equally classic material and color, such as leather or suede in neutral tones to make sure it is a functional staple in your fashion rotation.

The Stacked Heel Bootie

If you’re looking for a little extra height with your bootie, you may want to try a stacked heel bootie. A stacked heel bootie is the perfect footwear addition to make sure you can make any outfit elegant. When you’re looking for a stacked heel bootie, we recommend looking for a heel that is chunky and solid to give you better balance and stability so that you aren’t left with sore, aching feet after standing all day.

The Hardware Bootie

If you have an edgier style and want the perfect pair of booties to fit seamlessly with your aesthetic, we recommend looking at hardware booties. Booties with hardware detailing have a bit more flare than their classic counterparts, which lend themselves perfectly to a night out on the town or dinner out with friends.

The Slouchy Bootie

A relative newcomer to the frontrunners of the bootie scene, the slouchy bootie will keep you looking elegant and stylish with every step. The slouchy bootie perfects effortless casualness in a way that will add a dose of style to any outfit.

If you love the look of a slouchy bootie, check out our Kanela Bootie. Made in neutral weather-resistant suede, the Kanela Bootie is oh-so-slouchy with dainty ruching on the shaft, delicately stitched detailing, a stacked heel, and an inside zipper for easy access.


Ankle Boots

If you’re looking for a boot that is a bit taller and more substantial than a bootie without the added height of a tall boot, the ankle boot may be the perfect fit for you. Ankle boots can be paired with almost anything, which is why they are a useful staple to add to your closet. Because they are versatile and sought after, ankle boots come in a variety of different styles to make sure you can find the perfect pair for you. We’ll cover two of our favorite variations of the ankle boot below.

The Classic Ankle Boot

With ankle boots, you can never go wrong with the classic style. The classic ankle boot is elegant and features clean lines and high-quality materials to make an addition to your closet that you can rely on time and time again to pair perfectly with any outfit you choose. We recommend looking for a classic ankle boot in a classy, timeless material, such as leather or suede.

The Hardware Ankle Boot

Metal detailing is a trend that isn’t going away anytime soon and if you want to make sure your ankle boots are keeping with popular style trends, we recommend looking at hardware ankle boots. From zippers to buckles to metal embellishments, ankle boots with hardware accessories can come in a variety of different styles ranging from toned down to bold and daring so that you can find your perfect foot.


Tall Boots

If you want boots that will leave an impression, tall boots will make the greatest impact. Classic and elegant, tall boots will become a quick favorite in your outfit rotation because of how easily they pair with dresses, skirts, jeans, and everything in between. Tall boots come in many different styles that vary in height, embellishment, and lines, but we will walk you through a few of our favorite tall boot styles below.

The Classic Tall Boot

A classic tall boot is a must-have for any woman’s boot arsenal, which is why this style of tall boot tops our list. With clean, modern lines and effortless elegance, the classic tall boot will be your perfect companion whether you’re heading into a meeting at the office or out for brunch on the weekend.

The Hardware Tall Boot

Buckles and zippers are adornments that make the hardware tall boot a unique option to add a dose of edge to your style. With modern, clean silhouettes and fashion-forward hardware added into the mix, you can’t go wrong! We recommend looking for high-quality materials in hardware tall boots to make sure they last and keep you comfortable with every step.

The Riding Boot

The Riding Boot is an essential every woman should have in her closet because of how versatile and stylish this boot style is. With equestrian-inspired roots, the lines of riding boots are unique and distinct, adding flair to any outfit whether it’s paired with leggings or your favorite skinny jeans.


Stylish Supportive Boots for Every Occasion

We hope this style guide to different styles of comfortable boots for women gives you the confidence and information you need to find the perfect pair of boots to add to your wardrobe. At Vionic, we believe everyone deserves boots that make them look and feel great! We’ve built our business around delivering just that through our supportive boots for all seasons that combine pioneering biomechanics technology, fashion-forward style, and high-quality materials to make sure you never have to choose between style and support. You’ll find three-zone comfort in every chic style you love thanks to our Vio-Motion Support Technology. Say goodbye to heel pain or plantar fasciitis pain because we even have some of the best boots for plantar fasciitis

Whether you want a casual boot, dress boot, work boot, or winter boot, we’ve got a wide collection of women’s boots that are sure to fit what you’re looking for. Browse our stylish supportive footwear today.

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