Sole to Soul: Tips for Self Affirmation in the New Year

Written by Ciara Lucas, TV Journalist, fitness and nutrition expert, Vionic Innovation Lab guest contributor


If you’re reading this, I can guarantee you’re already stronger and more powerful than you may realize. 2020 threw us curveballs the human mind couldn’t have ever imagined. And while experiencing the year’s lows that were deep as valleys, and perhaps highs as tall as mountain tops, there’s a chance you’ve put your health, wellness, and fitness on the back-burner. I’m not a proponent of the “New Year, New You” mantra, because the “You” that’s standing here today is exactly who got you through one hellish year. But if you’re looking to be an even better you, let’s ready your body and mind from the ground up.

Empowerment is about harnessing the power that’s already within you. Affirmation is confirming it to be true and following it. You already have what you need, but if you need a confidence boost to get started, I’m here to give it to you!


Start by Taking Inventory

Establishing health and fitness goals can be daunting, overwhelming, and exciting all at once. The main component of figuring out where you want to go/what you want to do is reflecting on where you already are and how you got there. What’s working? What’s not? Reflect on the routine you already have established (or maybe lack thereof). Jot down how you’re feeling, how you’re fueling, how you’re moving, and then decide if that’s making you feel your best. If not, it might be time to make some changes. “Health” is a huge umbrella. Take inventory of your mental health, physical health, nutrition, even sleep patterns. When we’re honest about where we’re starting, we can successfully make positive changes.


Find Your ‘Why’, and Make it a Good One

Let’s be clear. This is about you. There is no amount of external validation, praise or applause that will make you truly realize that your health and wellbeing is solely in your hands. Finding a “why” gives this mission meaning. What is your purpose in getting healthier and stronger? Maybe it’s so you can pick up your kids without feeling pain, carrying all of your groceries in one trip, or finally crossing that marathon finish line you’ve always dreamed of running. Each of us has a “why” that’s deeper than what we see in the mirror or how we look in a picture. Find that “why” and hold on tight. It’s what will get you through the toughest moments that make you feel like quitting.


One Foot in Front of the Other

Building a consistent routine, eating healthy, getting 7-8 hours of sleep every night all sounds great until it starts to feel challenging with everything life throws at you. Sometimes getting up and out of the door is the hardest part. The truth is you will fail, and you will fall, but you have the power to get back up and try again. Giving ourselves grace on the journey is one of the greatest gifts. This was never meant to be a flawless performance.


Creating a Meaningful Mantra

Words have power. And the words we say to ourselves, whether aloud or inside our head have the power to impact our actions. When those inevitable hurdles present themselves, we can control the way we react and the way we press forward instead of staying stuck. Personal mantras are meant to steer you in the right direction when you feel like turning around. My mantras include:

 “I can and I will.”

“Find joy on the journey.”

“Choose again.”

What meaningful mantra can you draw on when you need power?


You’re Exactly Where You’re Meant to Be

Whether you’re starting from the very beginning of your health/fitness journey, or reintroducing yourself to former practices, you are exactly where you’re meant to be. One of the best realizations on this path is that you always have the choice and power to start again. And every time you choose to press “start” is a new opportunity for progress. We all go through seasons. There are seasons of strength, joy, grief, focus, and rest. Whatever season you’re in, honor it and be where your feet are. We are all in training for the challenges that we may not see coming. I challenge you to accept yourself at every stage. 














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