Minimalist Packing Tips for a Spontaneous Weekend Getaway

Summers are wonderful: longer days, higher temperatures, and leisurely weekend getaways. If you want to plan a spontaneous trip with friends or a significant other, you need to know how to pack smart. 

Do a Weather Check

Hopefully your weekend trip is blessed with nice weather from start to finish. Not only is that more fun for you but it also means you can pack lighter. It’s wise to bring at least one warm jacket or sweater, just in case. Tie it around your waist or shoulders during travel to save space in your bag.  

Shoe Smarts

You may only have room to store 1-2 pairs of shoes in your luggage for a quick trip (ugh, we know!). Pick shoes that can serve more than one purpose. Something like the Pippa sandal in a stunning metallics shade can be worn on the beach or at the park no prob but can also be dressed up for nights out in a pinch. The Joey Casual has you covered for any sightseeing, afternoon errands, morning exercise routines, and/or outdoor concerts and events.

Travel Sized

Call your hotel or lodgings ahead of time and ask what free care products come with the room: shampoo, soap, hand cream…this could save you some serious suitcase space. If there’s an item that you simply must pack, consider a travel sized version of it. Better yet, buy a few mini plastic bottles and reuse them for your trip-going essentials.

Go Digital

If possible, use apps and notes on your phone for stuff you might usually pack separately, like maps of the area, guide books, and your itinerary. By getting rid of unnecessary paper and clutter, you can save a lot of space in your bag. If you’re traveling with a partner or friend, make sure you both have copies of everything on each of your phones—just in case one of them gets lost, stolen, or broken.

Roll Up 

You can fit more in your bag if each article of clothing is tightly rolled. You can even use hair elastics to hold them in place, which will also come in handy for quick ponytails and buns during sightseeing trips and other activities.

Colour Code

Pack a lot of neutrals or matching colours so that everything you bring can be mixed-and-matched to form different outfit combinations depending on your needs. Avoid statement pieces that can only be used once. The trick to a light bag is versatility.

Keep your weekend getaways stress-free with these packing tips. And don't forget to stay healthy while on vacation!

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