You’ve probably seen your favorite celebrities and stylish friends rocking booties and jeans, but have you found it’s difficult to replicate their effortless style when you try? You’re not alone! Figuring out how to wear booties with skinny jeans can seem simple in practice, but when you go to throw on your favorite pair of trusty jeans and a cute pair of booties, you may feel your outfit looks less polished and effortlessly cool than you’re hoping for. But don’t worry, we’re here to help!

We want to make sure you can get the use out of your women’s ankle boots and can curate that simple, chic style. Our style guide will walk you through all of the do’s and don’ts and will give you all the best tips on how to wear booties with skinny jeans.


Style Guide: Do’s and Dont’s

Jeans and booties are a classic, cute style that can be paired with a litany of layers for the fall and winter months or a simple tank top and a light jacket for the spring and summer months. We know perfecting this go-to style can feel daunting at first, but with the right information, you’ll be ready and excited to rock your favorite straight leg denim and booties in no time! At Vionic, we want to make sure you feel comfortable and ready to take on the world in your favorite orthopedic women’s boots and we’re committed to helping you find the best ways to wear your booties so you can do just that.

The Do’s

When you’re trying a new style that you may not feel entirely comfortable with, we recommend researching the do’s of perfecting that style. Below is a handful of the top do’s for how to best pair skinny jeans and booties for every season.

Make Sure Your Jeans Are The Right Length

The key to the ideal skinny jeans with booties style is making sure your skinny jeans are the right length. We recommend pairing your booties with skinny jeans that hit midway down your ankle so that you can use a variety of different styling options (don’t worry, we’ll introduce you to those later in the guide!). Make sure that the jeans you want to pair with aren’t too long as it will create a slouching and gathering of the fabric at the top of the bootie when cuffed which will hide the sleek border of the shoe and create a more frumpy, undesirable look. If your favorite pair of denim is too long, try making a single cuff at the ankle. Just as you don’t want your jeans to be too long, you also don’t want them to be too short as this can create an awkward gap between the top of your bootie and the hemline of your skinny jeans.  

Make Sure You’re Wearing The Right Socks

Just as it is important to make sure your jeans are the right length, it is also vital to have socks that will remain tucked into the boot without peeking out the top or falling down inside your boot. We know having a sock fall down in your boot is an uncomfortable feeling, which is why we recommend opting for an ankle sock. An ankle sock will give you the height needed to hold itself up without showing over the top of your bootie and ruining your ensemble. We also recommend tailoring the color of your socks to match the color of your booties so that they blend in as much as possible. Don’t worry, the color match doesn’t need to be perfect, just try to get an ankle sock in as close of a color as you can!

Be Open to Experimenting

When you see the celebrities and style icons you love wearing skinny jeans with booties, you’ll notice that they each have their own method for pairing these two cute fashion items and that they don’t skimp on the experimentation to find what works for them. Fashion is supposed to be fun, so be open to experimenting to find what compliments your unique aesthetic!

The Don’ts

Don’t Try To Tuck Wide Leg Jeans Into Your Booties

Once you’ve found the best orthopedic shoes for women, it’s time to evaluate the jeans in your life. When you throw on your favorite pair of bootcut, wide-leg, or flare jeans with ankle boots, you may find yourself tempted to tuck your jeans into the booties as you would do with a skinny jean, but resist that urge! Tucking these styles into your booties will cause the extra denim to bunch creating an awkward look at your ankle. Instead, try cuffing the pants right above the bootie or opting for slim jeans, as these typically look best with boots.

Don’t Pull Your Jeans Over Your Booties

Because ankle booties have a shorter profile, when you pull your jeans down over them, you lose a significant portion of their cute design and shorten the length of the boot you can see. This also will create a tent over your bootie and an uneven appearance as you move. You want to highlight your booties and create a sleek look, so avoid pulling your jeans down over your boots.


How to Style Your Skinny Jeans and Booties

Now that you know how to wear jeans with booties and how not to, we want to introduce you to a few of our favorite styling recommendations for pairing jeans with booties. Whether you’re rocking blue jeans, black skinnies, white skinny jeans, or ripped jeans, these are our favorite styling tips for every occasion to fit your mood and unique sense of style.

The Large Cuff

Adding a simple single cuff can up the fun and fashion a lot for your look. For this style to work properly, you need to have the right length of jeans, as we mentioned above. Simply take the bottom of your jean and fold it back to create a cuff that is no bigger than two inches. There should be a bit of skin showing between the top of your bootie and the beginning of the cuff to add a break in the leg.

The Smaller Cuff

Another fun way to style your booties with skinny jeans is to create a smaller cuff by rolling the jeans back. This should create a cuff that is about a half-inch to an inch and will give a polished, fun finish to your styling.

The Scrunch

If you want to avoid a cuff when styling your jeans with booties, simply pull your jeans up slightly so the excess fabric is scrunched up to your thighs and legs, allowing a line of skin to show between your booties and jeans to create a break in the leg. For this style to work, it is critical for your jeans to be the right length.

The Sleek Tuck

This style works best on the skinniest denim cuts. It is a little more dressy than a cuff and creates a seamless look between the boot and your lower leg. Try pairing dark denim or black skinnes with a dark bootie to tap into the elongating benefits of this look! If you want to appear tall, you can also wear a pair of heeled booties.

We hope this article has helped you master one of our all-time favorite styles. Don’t forget to check out our boots for all seasons to find the perfect pair of booties for all of your adventures! Whether it’s sweet summertime or turtleneck sweater weather, our guide is sure to effortlessly enhance your wardrobe, so that it is not only sleek and polished but fitted and tailored to your unique style.

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