How to Choose Sandals for Beach Vacations

How to Choose Sandals for Beach Vacations

Do you have an oceanside vacation on the calendar? If so, your packing list probably includes swimsuits, cover-ups, sunglasses, sunscreen, a beach bag, maybe a wide-brimmed hat, and of course, sandals.
As you might be aware, footwear can really make or break a trip away from home—which is why your shoes should definitely not be overlooked. So, what are the best beach sandals?
Beach sandals should be comfy, breathable, easy to get on and off, and suitable for sand and saltwater. But don’t worry, the footwear enthusiasts at Vionic aren’t only hung up on practicality. Your comfortable seaside shoes should also be stylish. Consider this your guide to finding the perfect sandals for beach vacations.

7 Sandals for Beach Vacations

The team at Vionic is dedicated to creating supportive, flattering shoes for every activity, occasion, and terrain. Thanks to our surf-loving founder, podiatrist Phillip Vasyli, you can bet we offer a wide range of comfortable, fashion-forward shoes to wear at the beach.
If you’re wondering how to choose sandals for your warm-weather vacation, we have your back. Whether you’re planning to take long walks on the sand, splash around in the tide, build a sandcastle, play beach volleyball, or spend most of your time hanging out under an umbrella, we’ve got the right sandals for you. And if you’re attending a beach wedding, we have a pair for that too. Let’s get started.

Walking Sandals for the Beach

If you’re anything like us, you love to stay active on vacation—and when you’re at the beach, this means taking daily walks on the sand. With that said, you shouldn’t let the wrong pair of shoes hold you back from getting fresh air and exercise.
Investing in a good pair of comfortable walking sandals for your trip is always a good idea. The styles from Vionic include triple-strap active sandals with support from all angles, as well as slip-ons and toe-post sandals. Our versatile walking sandals are comfortable for hours on all terrains, including dry sand, wet sand, concrete sidewalks, dirt trails, and rocky paths. By the way, if you are wondering how to clean sandals after a long day at the beach, we’ve written about that in detail.
You might think slip-ons aren’t suitable for walking, and while this is true for a lot of brands, Vionic’s sandals are a different story. Featuring built-in orthotic insoles that hug your arches and keep your feet secure, they support your natural stride and won’t slide around. Plus, the durable EVA rubber soles have patterned treads, providing you with ultimate traction as you stroll along the sand.


Water-Ready Beach Sandals

Planning on swimming or splashing around in the waves? You’ll want to bring a water sandal, or a water-ready sandal that’s designed to stay on your feet and hold up if they get wet.
If you’ll be doing any actual swimming, we suggest sandals with straps around the ankles and over the toes. This will ensure they stay on as you tread water while protecting your feet from scrapes and scratches. Vionic carries active sandals with three straps and sturdy soles for excellent traction. Our adjustable, versatile styles are ideal for swimmers and oceanside adventurers. You might also consider our beach sneakers, which are designed to be worn sockless and easy to get on and off.
If you’re planning to stay near the shore and just want a waterproof sandal option for kicking around in the tide or dipping your feet in, a pair of rubber flip-flops, rather than a true water shoe, will work. Check out Vionic’s lightweight orthotic flip flop styles. With soft-touch uppers, foam cushioning, dynamic footbeds that resist slipping, and textured outsoles with a solid grip, they’re just the thing for splashing at the beach.¹

Slip-On Beach Sandals

Regardless of the activities you have in mind, you won’t regret packing slip-on beach sandals. We’re talking about a pair you can slide on and off throughout the day and toss in your bag when you’re not wearing them.
Flip-flops, toe-post sandals, and slides are all excellent and comfortable sandal options. Plus, you can count on fashionable, supportive styles when you browse Vionic’s collections. Our slip-ons sandal styles are expertly designed with innovative orthotic technology built right into the soles.
This type of beach shoe will feel good on your feet and provide the arch support you crave without taking up a lot of space in your suitcase. Not only that, but our slip-on sandals can be paired with shorts, tanks, tees, sundresses, beach cover-ups, rompers—you name it.

Supportive Flip-Flops

If you like the convenience and easy-breezy aesthetic of thong sandals, we encourage you to bring a pair on vacation. With that said, the best beach flip-flops will provide arch support and cushioning, like the travel-friendly beach sandal styles from Vionic.
Designed with a classic flat sole and a sleek silhouette, they’re everything you know and love about thong sandals but better. Unlike most others on the market, our flip-flops don’t actually flop around on your feet—and they won’t slip off.
The injection-molded footbeds are thoughtfully contoured to hug your arches and ensure they stay put, while deep heel seats and plush cushioning keep you comfy on your feet for hours. Plus, they’re super lightweight and slim enough to stash in a beach bag, carry-on, or backpack.

Elevated Beach Sandals

Whether you’re heading to a seaside wedding and need new wedding sandals, you’re looking to add a few inches of height, or you just want to look chic on the sand, we recommend bringing a pair of elevated beach summer sandals, such as the wedges and platforms we carry at Vionic.
With thick, sturdy soles and heels between 1 to 3 inches in height, our wedge sandal styles are the perfect balance of elegant and practical. Speaking of balance, they’re also much easier to walk in than regular heeled shoes, and you won’t have to worry about them sinking into the sand.
We’ve got sporty wedges with lower heels, effortless toe-post styles, ankle-strap wedges, espadrilles, and elevated slides. You can rock our comfortable, versatile platforms and wedge sandals to the beach during the day and then wear them out at night without missing a beat.

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Wear-Anywear Sandals

Anyone going on a warm-weather vacation can use a pair of wear-anywhere sandals. You know, something you can rock on the plane, in the car, to the beach, on a walk, to a workout class, out shopping, while running errands, to tourist attractions, and to a restaurant.
This means your sandals should be comfortable enough to wear for a variety of activities, suitable for various terrains, and versatile enough to complement different outfits.² Not sure where to look? Take a peek at the styles from Vionic.
We have leather slides, toe-post sandals, flat toe-loop sandals, gladiator-inspired strappies, backstrap sandals, and T-strap sandals in a variety of colors, prints, and designs. And like all our shoes, each pair has built-in orthotics hidden within the soles (one of the best sore feet remedies), meaning you can wear them whenever, wherever without worrying about pain or discomfort.

Going-Out Sandals for Beach Vacations

It’s also a good idea to pack a pair you can wear for an evening out or a dressier occasion. We suggest leather or faux leather sandals, as they present a more polished appearance than their rubber counterparts.
Leather slides with thick straps and buckles are a great option. They work well with linen pants, pressed shorts, chinos, and lightweight button-downs. We also love the look of T-strap sandals, toe-loop sandals, and strappy sandals with dresses, skirts, and jumpsuits. Wedges, platforms, and espadrilles are great for sprucing up on vacation as well.

Where to Buy the Best Sandals and Flip-Flops

Vionic is your resource for comfy, stylish sandals for beach vacations. Every pair features our Vio-Motion Support technology for ultimate arch support, cushioning, deep heel cups, and stable soles.
And with our footwear, you never have to choose between comfort and fashion. Vionic’s designs align with all the latest styles without sacrificing fit or feel. Shop our collections of comfortable sandals for women and men today!

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