House slippers aren’t just for winter, you know. Phil Vasyli, world-renowned Australian podiatrist and creator of Orthaheel Technology, stresses the importance of keeping your feet warm and aligned year-round.

“Our circulation diminishes in our feet and hands as we grow older. Make yourself a warm foot bath. Soak your feet (salts are good, but not necessary) to relax muscles, increase circulation and encourage healing. Taking a warm to hot full-body bath is even better! On that note, keep your feet warm. Wear socks and slippers in the house.”

He continues to say that while our foot is designed to walk on naturally forgiving surfaces such as sand and dirt, “in the past 1,000 years (or so), all we’ve done is create the complete opposite to a natural surface. So rather than it being soft and you having a human footprint, we’ve made concrete, tile and marble the surfaces we stand on. When your feet hit the ground, rather than the ground contouring to your foot, the ground doesn’t contour at all, so you contour to the ground – which means you actually create this chain reaction of collapse from the foot through to the knee and through to the back. We now have Orthaheel orthotic technology. You put that under your foot and it’s contoured to your foot. It’s the same as a human footprint. So you’re basically reclaiming your footprint.”

Our Gemma orthotic slipper is a great way to treat your feet to warmth, support and comfort. Keep them by your bed so your feet are supported first thing when they hit the ground each day.

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