Gear Up & Go: Make the Most of Spring in Style

By Chris Laub


Spring is here! And so is the season for getting back in the swing of your favorite outdoor activities. From walking and hiking to biking and golfing, Vionic has you covered through all of it with our supportive Vio-Motion™ footbed technology and fresh footwear looks.


Get your walk on.

Walking is fantastic exercise. And the best part? You can do it anywhere! Check out our low-impact active styles that really go the distance on long walks. We have comfortable, supportive options for both women and men that will make getting out the door a bit more inspiring. Find a beautiful location, enjoy your surroundings and team up with your dog or a friend for added amusement.



Run for fun. 

If you have a busy day, you can maximize your exercise time by going for a run. Lace-up your favorite joggers, get the tunes going in your ear phones, and crush that cardio! Once you develop your stamina, it really feels great. By the way, did you know you can give any brand of shoe our unique Vionic difference? Bump up their comfort and support with Vionic active insoles.


Take a hike.

Calling all outdoor enthusiasts: Not only is a stroll in the woods great for the body, some time with Mother Nature can really help clear and soothe the mind. Visit a state or national park, or make it an urban adventure exploring your city. Anything goes. What’s important is the fresh air and scenery you’re enjoying, while Vionic boots keep you comfy—and of course cute!  


Hitch a ride.

A low-impact activity that’s a major cardio boost, biking is a fabulous way to see the sights and cover a lot of distance. Plus, it’s an eco-friendly transportation alternative and a great way to get around town! Bike to work or the store to make the “every day” a little more interesting.  


Park it beachside. 

Surf and sand? Sounds like heaven. Pack a book, some snacks, a lot of water and luxuriate in the glorious sun. No seaside in sight? Not to worry, Vionic Beach footwear makes you feel like you’re there—anywhere. Whatever your spot might be, bring the whole family or meet up with friends for an all-day get-together that ends in a cozy bonfire.



Dive in. 

Swimming is a fantastic low-impact activity for all ages. Not only does it get the body moving and burn a ton of calories, it’s a wonderful way to cool off as the days get warmer. Hit the pool deck “Vionic style” with the perfect sandals to complement your aquatic attire. We have supportive options for women and men.



Tee things up.

Golf is a relaxing sport and mental game that’s even more fun when played with family or friends. It’s an excellent way to be outside, get your steps in and enjoy some beautiful locations. Play casually or competitively, but just make sure you have the right active shoes for the occasion. Pursue our options that are perfect for the fairways.


Smash it.

There’s no better way to start the weekend than with a tennis match on the court. You’ll get great lower-body exercise chasing the ball and your upper body will be hard at work with your racket. Laugh, have fun and take in the springtime sun. And we’ve got your feet covered with great women’s and men’s active shoes.


Have a pickle … ball.

Not familiar with pickleball? This latest-greatest pastime, now played by 2.5 million Americans, is seriously a “thing!” Nothing to do with actual pickles (though the origins of why it’s called “Pickleball” make for an amusing Google), think of it as a combination of tennis and ping pong. This fun-filled activity gets your heart rate up and provides a great opportunity to catch up with friends. So, dress to impress in your Vionic active shoes. 


We hope these activities inspire you to enjoy the spring season doing things that you love, or trying something new. We have a plethora of footwear options to help you achieve your best life today and into the future!


About the Author:


Chris Laub is a member of Vionic’s Brand Marketing team. In addition to Vionic, he loves to stay active, play sports, travel, and enjoy delicious food. He enjoys entertainment including movies, tv shows, and music.

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