Do’s and Don’ts of Men’s Business Casual Style

In today’s modern society, there has been a radical shift in the standards of workplace attire. Many work environments are adopting the business casual dress code. But it’s still important to put care into how you look, even if it’s a jeans-and-tee sort of job. So how can you balance the “business” with the “casual” while still maintaining a professional air?


DON’T wear ill-fitting garments. Have yourself professionally measured, if need be, to ensure that you never look sloppy. Too tight or too loose is never a good look, no matter the dress code.

DON’T be afraid of colour. Neutrals with a strong accent colour—a simple t-shirt or jacket—can create a look that stands out. Find colours that work with your skin tone for the best results.

DON’T wear ripped, faded, or dirty clothes. Save the “messy chic” look for the weekend. At work you should be focused on exuding confidence, boldness and cleanliness.


DO make facial grooming a top priority. Nothing drags down a look like unkempt facial hair. Even an expensive suit will look shabby if your personal grooming isn’t up to par. Make sure you’re using products that don’t irritate your skin, like a sharp razor and post-shave balms or moisturizers for their soothing properties.

DO have a good footwear game. Clean, high-quality, and fashionable shoes will pull together your look and elevate any outfit. We recommend the Chase Chukka Boot (more formal), the Brody Sneaker (bus-cas), and the Baldwin Sneaker (more casual). Regardless of how informal the workplace may be, a pair of classy kicks will make you stand out on the daily. Be sure to look your best, no matter the crowd. Check out our assortment of comfortable and stylish men’s footwear for any occasion.

DO go for quality over quantity. A cashmere sweater will make you look and feel better than a bargain bin alternative, and can be a great staple piece in your wardrobe. Business casual looks can, and should, come across as polished and meticulous. You can wear jeans and a polo while still communicating that you care about your presentation by spending a bit more on quality brands and timeless pieces.

Business casual can open up the door for a variety of fun and trendy looks. Still, your image speaks volumes about who you are as a professional, so err on the side of caution by appearing neat and well put together. As Robert van Tongeren, author of Restart Your Style, once said, “The idea is to project a professional image while enjoying more casual attire.”

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