8 Comfortable Sneakers for All-Day Support


What you wear is a big part of how you express yourself, but it also plays a crucial role in your comfort throughout the day. Also, when you’re uncomfortable, it’s harder to showcase your personality. With this in mind, the footwear collections from Vionic prioritize both comfort and style. If you’re on the hunt for comfy shoes you can wear all day without foot pain, you’re in the right place.

When it comes to comfortable walking shoes for women and men, sneakers are definitely at the top of the list. Having said that, not all tennis shoes are created equal. Doing your research before investing in a pair is a smart choice. So, what are the most comfortable sneakers?. Check out our roundup below.

What Are the Most Comfortable Sneakers?

If you’re anything like the footwear devotees at Vionic, shopping for shoes is like looking for a soul mate. You need a reliable pair that won’t quit on you, cause you pain, or make things uncomfortable—especially if you’re on your feet all day. And like soul mates, sneakers should be supportive.

The most comfortable sneakers for all-day support include lace-up active sneakers, casual lace-ups, Mary Jane sneakers, walking sneakers, laceless athletic sneakers, high-tops, bungee-lace sneakers, and anti-slip sneakers. To figure out which type of tennis shoes will keep your feet the happiest, keep reading for each style’s breakdown.

1. Lace-Up Active Sneakers

Lace-up active sneakers are the original tennis shoe style, and they remain one of the most comfortable options available today. This type of shoe typically has a somewhat thick rubber outsole with breathable, moisture-wicking uppers, and round or flat shoelaces. There are several variations, from a running shoe to cross-trainers, but all lace-up athletic sneakers are designed for performance. Aside from people who play sports or exercise regularly, they’re a favorite among those who work on their feet or live otherwise active lifestyles.

When you scope out the athletic sneakers for men and women from Vionic, you’ll find a variety of lace-up styles with flexible mesh or neoprene uppers, sturdy outsoles, removable EVA footbeds, and dependable shoelaces. Choose from statement styles or neutral designs for everyday wear. Plus, each pair of our podiatrist-designed trainers has orthotics built right into the soles.

2. Casual Lace-Ups

If you prefer shoelaces on a sneaker but are looking for something a little more laid-back, casual lace-ups are the way to go. Designed for streetwear and everyday wear, this type of tennis shoe is the perfect balance of sporty casual and relaxed. Like athletic footwear, you can choose from bold or subtle designs—or get both!

Vionic carries lace-up casual sneakers for men and women in myriad colors, prints, and silhouettes. We’re talking modern and old-school styles with eye-catching hues, striking animal prints, camouflage detailing, and chic metallics. We also have sneakers with versatile color combos, neutral leather accents, and simple textile uppers. As with all footwear from Vionic, you can count on a lightweight shoe with built-in arch support, dual-density soles for stability, and plush cushioning.


3. Mary Jane Sneakers

You might be familiar with Mary Jane shoes, a popular women’s style with a strap over the instep. But what do you know about Mary Jane sneakers? This sporty take on the classic flat is just the right amount of feminine and practical. With an on-the-go aesthetic that can be worn with a broad range of outfits, it’s a perfect pick for all-day wear. If you’re wondering are sneakers business casual, these shoes can be worn to the office as a comfortable, yet acceptable option.

The Mary Jane sneakers from Vionic are designed to support women on their feet all day. They have adjustable Gore-Tex straps, breathable mesh uppers, removable footbeds, and flexible rubber outsoles. If you’re looking for a sensible tennis shoe with a flirty flair, we think you’ll love our Mary Janes.

4. Walking Sneakers

Whether you track your steps each day, spend most of your workday on your feet, or like to take regular walks, a comfortable walking shoe is essential. It’s not hard to find walking sneakers, but if you’re looking for reliable comfort, your best bet is a pair with arch support, high-traction soles, and a secure fit.

Vionic’s walking sneakers for men and women include these crucial characteristics and then some. With built-in orthotics, a firm heel counter, action laces, and treaded outsoles, our styles are made to move with you while supporting your natural stride. But that’s not all—the walking sneakers from Vionic have a moisture-wicking lining, an odor-controlling antibacterial top cloth, and a PU foam base to reduce friction. Many also have a Seal of Acceptance from the AMPA (American Podiatric Medical Association). It’s no wonder walking sneakers are some of our top-selling shoes.

5. Laceless Athletic Sneakers

Laceless athletic shoes are another popular pick for women and men. Instead of laces, this type of comfortable sneaker usually has velcro closures or hook-and-loop straps. Some simpler designs have really stretchy uppers and no straps, allowing you to effortlessly slide your feet into place.

The active sneaker collections from Vionic include many slip-on and or otherwise laceless options. Our trainers have neoprene, mesh, knit, or leather uppers with sturdy yet flexible outsoles made for shock absorption. We carry stretchy slip-ons, criss-cross strap sneakers, and velcro tennis shoes, most of which have pull-tabs on the back. Vionic’s laceless athletic sneakers are easy to get on and off, not to mention endlessly comfortable and supportive.

6. High-Tops

High-top sneakers are a traditionally retro style, but you can find both modern and old-school variations on the market today. And as with all types of sneakers, some high-tops are more comfortable than others.

At Vionic, we’re proud to offer comfy-cool high-top sneakers ideal for both laid-back and athletic occasions. Some of our designs feature contemporary easy-on zippers or dual elastic straps, and others have classic criss-cross shoelaces from the instep up to the ankles. Choose from suede, leather, or lightweight textile uppers made for breathability and ankle support. And with orthotic contouring, built-in cushioning, arch support, and durable rubber soles, these are some of the most comfortable sneakers money can buy.

7. Bungee-Lace Sneakers

Another athletic shoe style you might consider is bungee-lace sneakers. This type of tennis shoe has bungee cords instead of shoelaces or velcro straps. To put them on, you loosen the bungees, slide your feet in, and then tighten the cords to your desired fit. Bungee-lace sneakers are ideal for runners and anyone else who wants to avoid retying and tightening their shoes.

The bungee-lace styles we carry at Vionic are exceptionally lightweight and comfortable. With buoyant yet stable outsoles, EVA midsoles, and uppers made of breathable mesh, snug-fit neoprene, and other performance materials, you’ll love the feel of our bungee sneakers. Choose from stylish designs featuring basic colors, vibrant hues, or both.

8. Anti-Slip Sneakers

Slip resistant shoes help you stay safe in environments where you might encounter wet or greasy floors. But did you know non-slip tennis shoes can also be supremely comfortable? Since they’re made for physicians, nurses, salon workers, restaurant employees, and other people who spend long hours on their feet, many anti-slip sneakers offer impressive arch support and cushioning.

Some of the most comfortable sneakers from Vionic have slip-resistant outsoles. We carry several styles for women and men that pass ASTM F1677 (MARK II) performance testing. The uppers are also specially treated to repel oil, water, and other liquids. Our non-slip tennis shoes have contoured footbeds, deep heel cups, stability, and built-in orthotic arch support. In other words, they’re made for all-day comfort. And while you might think non-slip shoes and fashionable footwear are mutually exclusive, we’re pleased to tell you our designs come in trendy colors, prints, and silhouettes you’ll want to wear even when you’re not working.

What the Best Comfortable Sneakers All Have in Common


After reviewing these eight styles, you should have a good idea of what goes into a comfy, supportive shoe. The best comfortable sneakers have durable yet flexible rubber outsoles made for traction, contoured footbeds, deep heel cups, arch support, stability, soft cushioning, and breathable uppers. You should be able to wear them for hours on end without any foot pain or discomfort. And that’s what Vionic is all about.

What are the most comfortable sneakers from our collection? When designing footwear, we never cut corners, so you can count on comfort with every pair. Each of the podiatrist-designed sneakers from Vionic is made with our exclusive Vio-Motion Support technology. This means plush cushioning, stability, and orthotic arch support are seamlessly engineered and hidden within the shoe’s design.

Whether you’re leaning toward athletic trainers, casual tennis shoes, or non-slip sneakers for work, a pair from Vionic won’t disappoint. Our shoes are the best sneakers for plantar fasciitis and other foot conditions, can help support your natural alignment, and take your comfort to a whole new level.

Check out our styles for men and women today!



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