6 Style Tips for Wearing Animal Print

Animal print is the fashion trend that never quits. It’s timeless but always evolving with new and contemporary styles. Plus, you can wear animal print any time of year, in warm or cold weather, and it’s a staple for casual, professional, and formal attire.

But that’s not all—you can find animal-inspired patterns in virtually any wearable piece imaginable. We’re talking pants, dresses, shirts, skirts, leggings, sweaters, jumpsuits, swimwear, outerwear, accessories, jewelry, and of course, animal print shoes.

Are you ready to prowl into the animal print trend? Vionic is here to guide the way. Keep reading for style tips and guidelines for rocking this fierce look.


The Unofficial Rules of Animal Print Fashion

Animal print fashion includes a broad range of wildlife-inspired designs. Some of the most popular prints are leopard, cheetah, snake, tortoise, lizard, zebra, tiger, and cow. While the rules of fashion are always evolving, there are a few things you should keep in mind before you enter into this primal territory.

When curating an animal print ensemble:

  • Stick with one animal print to avoid clashing
  • Select simple styles in neutral colors for the rest of your outfit
  • Avoid prints in blatantly artificial colors, such as blue leopard or pink tiger stripes
  • Opt for high-quality pieces that look chic and sophisticated
  • Try to resist over-accessorizing, as it can make an outfit look busy

Those are the basics of wearing animal print. If you’ve got the confidence to pull off this show-stopping look, it’s easy to make it your own. But if you’re still unsure where to start, you can find more detailed animal print fashion tips below.

1. Know What Colors to Wear with Animal Print

The right colors to wear with animal print really depend on the type of animal. For instance, since leopards have black and golden-brown spots on their coats, leopard print fashion is all about black, brown, and other earthy hues. Similarly, tortoise and cheetah prints tend to look best with shades of brown, black, tan, and nude.

If you’re gonna rock lizard-embossed leather or embrace the snakeskin trend, complimenting colors can vary. Neutral tones are always a safe bet since you still want to avoid clashing. But you might have more leeway when it comes to incorporating other hues.

And then there’s zebra, cow, and other black and white animal prints. Black and white patterns will likely never go out of style, and they can be worn with almost any other color. Just try to avoid too many bold pieces and adventurous colors with one outfit.

2. Know What Colors to Avoid

Generally speaking, there aren’t very many colors that are off-limits with animal print. However, neon hues, purple, and blue aren’t typically the best choices—but there are some exceptions. For example, since blue denim is considered a neutral material, you can wear jeans and denim jackets with pretty much any animal print.

While you want to be cautious of clashing, try not to overthink it. After all, the “rules” of the fashion world are meant to be broken. And when in doubt, opt for black, white, or tan apparel. No matter what animal print you’re wearing, you can’t go wrong with these simple yet flattering colors.

3. Make the Statement With Animal Print Shoes

One of the best ways to get into this trend is with animal print footwear. With an otherwise neutral ensemble, a pair of leopard print shoes or snake print shoes can effortlessly make the look pop. And with so many style options, there are endless routes you can take with animal-inspired shoes. When you browse Vionic’s impressive selection of animal print shoes for women, you’ll find tons of daring and elegant styles.

The animal print shoes we carry include:

  • Leopard print loafers, ballet flats, Mary Jane mules, pointed-toe flats, kitten heels, slip on sneakers, ankle booties for women, and slippers
  • Snakeskin slingbacks, loafers, strappy sandals, toe-post sandals, heeled sandals, and kitten heels
  • Tortoise shell shoes like kitten heels, toe-post sandals, platform sandals, and block heels
  • Lizard-embossed loafers, pointed-toe flats, ballet flats, kitten heels, and toe-post sandals

Whether you’re aiming for a sporty, chic, flirty, or sophisticated look—or something in between—we know you’ll find the perfect pair when you shop our inventory.


4. Or Rock Neutral Shoes to Complement Animal Print

Another option is to complement animal print clothes with neutral footwear. The style of shoe doesn’t necessarily matter, as long as the color and design are subtle. Leather shoes in black, brown, and tan are always a safe bet, but you’ve got tons of other choices. For instance, espadrilles and cork shoes offer an organic look that works with most animal prints. Suede shoes in nude, taupe, or light gray are also excellent neutral picks.

At Vionic, we love an eye-catching shoe, but we also see the value in keeping a few simple and versatile pairs in your closet. In addition to animal print shoes, our arch support shoes include a wide variety of leather, suede, cork, espadrille, and canvas designs in wear-anywhere colors.

5. Learn to Dress Animal Print Up or Down

While you want to be mindful of clashing, animal prints are actually more versatile than you may think. Many people associate leopard and snake print as evening looks, but you can dress them up or down for just about any occasion.

Casual Animal Print

Casual animal print fashion is pretty straightforward. As long as your ensemble is laid back, you can implement leopard or zebra print accents without looking out of place. For instance, with an athleisure outfit, a pair of leopard print sneakers and a leather jacket provide a perfect sporty chic style. We also love the look of slip-on leopard sneakers with a simple jeans and t-shirt combo.

Professional Animal Print

Animal print is definitely an acceptable choice for office attire. Wondering what to wear to work when it comes to this print? A pair of leopard flats, a snakeskin print belt, or a cheetah blouse can be tastefully integrated into business casual or even business professional dress codes. To dress for success, the idea is to accent a work-appropriate outfit with one animal print piece that’s not too distracting.

Fancy Animal Print

Wearing animal print for fancier occasions is a bit more straightforward than professional and casual attire. As we mentioned, it’s crucial to avoid clashing and overdoing it with too many patterns or bold tones. However, you have a little more leeway here.

For a fancy animal print look, you can wear a leopard print dress or skirt of any length or a printed top in a sleeveless, crop, or another flirty cut. You can also strut your stuff in any formal style of animal print footwear, like heeled sandals, kitten heels, pumps, or wedge heels. And to make your look pop, a rich lip or nail color is an excellent choice.

6. Go Wild with Animal Print Accessories

If you’re not ready to dive headfirst into the world of animal print fashion, you can dip your toes in with some wildlife-inspired accessories. Try a leopard print belt, scarf, hat, umbrella, or handbag. Or maybe a snakeskin watch, headband, or phone case. We also love the look of classic tortoise sunglasses, regular eyeglasses, and jewelry.

We’re willing to bet you’ll get tons of compliments on your animal print accessories. As a result, you might be empowered to take it a step further with an animal print dress, a leopard coat, a cheetah print blouse, or even a pair of statement snake print shoes.


Rock a Fierce Pair of Animal Print Shoes from Vionic

Women’s animal print footwear is versatile, elegant, and always fun to wear. Whether you’re looking to add some flair to your work wardrobe, nail a sporty-feminine vibe, or spice up your evening wear, the trendy animal styles from Vionic are just the thing.

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