5 Best Walking Shoes for Men

walking shoes for men

If you ask us, walking is an utterly underrated workout. It’s good for your heart and muscles, and it helps you maintain a healthy weight. Plus, walking is easy, it’s accessible, you can do it anywhere, at any time of day, and best of all, it’s totally free! While logging your steps might allow you to sidestep a gym membership or streaming workout fees, we suggest investing in proper walking shoe footwear.

If you’re a guy looking to get his stride on, you might be wondering about the best walking shoes for men. Here at Vionic, we design premium orthotic footwear for all occasions, including athletic styles for a variety of activities.

Our workout shoe designs are made for movement, and we know a thing or two about what goes into the perfect comfortable shoes for men. Find a breakdown of the top recommended walking sneaker styles below.

What Are the Best Styles of Walking Shoes for Men?

So, what are the best walking shoes for men? Though some types of mens shoes are more ideal than others, you’ve got a few options when it comes to the best types of sneakers for walking. We recommend a walking sneaker, lace-up active trainer, slip-on athletic shoe, casual sneaker, or active sandal. Most importantly, look for a pair that’s comfortable, supportive, and made for forward movement.

Walking Sneakers

The best men’s walking shoes are, well… walking shoes. What this means is that some sneaker styles are designed specifically for walking.¹ If you really want to step up your game, consider a pair from Vionic. Featuring rigid heel counters and removable biomechanical orthotics with 0.5-inch elevation, our walkers provide optimal heel-to-toe strike zones and unbeatable comfort.

Vionic men’s walking shoes are made to keep you in motion while helping you avoid discomfort, injury, and various painful foot conditions. Ample arch support helps prevent overpronation and collapsed arches while alleviating pressure on your plantar fascia. This is crucial for anyone suffering from plantar fasciitis.

Our walking sneakers come with either adjustable hook-and-loop straps or standard shoelaces with a padded tongue. The uppers are made of premium full-grain leather or suede in several neutral hues, like black, white, olive green, navy, and gray.

Thanks to a breathable mesh lining and an antibacterial top cloth, Vionic walking shoes also effectively wick moisture and control odors. The liner material and PU foam base also help minimize friction against your skin as you walk.

As for the rubber sole, the durable yet flexible rubber provides excellent traction, grip, and comfy cushioning. And the thermoplastic heel counter offers ultimate stability and ankle support.

Lace-Up Active Sneakers

Lace-up active sneakers also make good walking shoes for men. Athletic tennis shoes are made for movement, which means you can usually count on a lightweight design with performance outsoles and breathable uppers. This includes the running shoe, workout shoe, gym shoe, hiking shoe, and other types of lace-up trainers.

The lace-up athletic sneakers from Vionic are perfectly lightweight and functional without sacrificing in terms of aesthetic. They have breathable mesh, neoprene, nubuck, or full-grain leather upper options with elastic laces for a sporty, ready-to-go vibe.

With removable mesh-wrapped EVA footbeds and durable rubber soles, Vionic’s lace-up active styles are ideal for a variety of workouts, including walking. Our innovative podiatrist-designed orthotics are built right into the soles of every pair to support alignment and a natural stride. Research shows our built-in orthotics can reduce overpronation and alleviate common aches and foot pain.



Slip-On Trainers

Another option is men’s slip-on trainers. Instead of traditional laces, this type of comfortable shoe will typically have elastic crossover straps or otherwise flexible tongues and uppers. Many also feature pull-tabs on the back, which makes them super easy to get on and off while staying secure on your foot as you walk.

The slip-on active sneakers from Vionic feature suede, textile, leather, neoprene, or mesh upper options—or a combination of materials—with stretchy straps across the vamps. With the textile-covered EVA midsole, generous toe box, reliable rubber outsole, and premium orthotics embedded into each pair, our slip-on athletic shoes are ideal for anyone looking to count their steps.

Casual Sneakers

If you want something a bit more laid back, casual sneakers can also work. That being said, not all street shoes are created equal. It’s important to look for a pair with adequate arch support and cushioning, like the styles from Vionic.

Our men’s casual sneakers are ideal for taking walks, running errands, traveling, working on your feet, attending informal social functions, or just getting some fresh air. We carry retro styles with throwback-inspired details, wear-anywhere contemporary designs, and fashion sneakers for every outfit and activity.

When you browse our collection, you’ll find both lace-up and laceless styles with soft suede, lightweight textile, breathable mesh, or smooth leather uppers. The footbeds and outer soles are co-molded with our proprietary EVA compound, so you can count on them to carry you wherever you’re headed.

Plus, every pair features Vionic’s built-in orthotic technology for ultimate relief, support, and stability. Our casual sneakers for men also help realign your feet into their natural position, allowing you to achieve a comfortable stride.²

Active Sandals

If you’re interested in something other than a closed-toe shoe, we recommend active sandals. Look for a pair with adjustable straps across the toes, as well as around the ankles, which will keep your feet in place and prevent flapping as you walk.

Vionic’s active walking sandals for men have full-grain leather straps in all the right places, providing an unbeatable customized fit. The durable rubber outsoles have patterned tread underneath for added grip and traction on many outdoor terrains. Additionally, we design the footbeds with comfy contouring, orthotic arch support, and deep heel cups to relieve pain and discomfort in your knees, heels, and back.

Consider Orthotic Insoles

If you have a pair of shoes you love that aren’t ideal for walking, you might consider getting a pair of orthotic insoles, like the ones we carry at Vionic. Our active orthotics can be placed in any shoe, providing you with the cushioning and support you need for a healthy, pain-free stride.

With reinforced PE (hardened plastic) shells and podiatrist-designed contouring, Vionic’s active orthotic insoles for men enhance your stability and control. The cushioned heels are designed for shock absorption, and the contoured orthotics adhere to the shape of your foot with every step. Our athletic inserts also have built-in EcoFresh to absorb odors.

Best Walking Shoes for Men from Vionic

If you’re in the market for men’s walking shoes that prevent foot pain, heel pain, and other uncomfortable conditions, Vionic has you covered. Whether your job requires hours of walking every day or you like to take walks for exercise, you can count on our orthotic styles to provide you with the support, cushioning, breathability, and traction you crave.

We’ve got made-for-walking sneakers, active trainers with laces, slip-on athletic shoes, casual sneakers, laid-back travel shoes, plantar fasciitis shoes, and active sandals in a wide range of styles, colors, and materials.

Not only that, but all of the men’s footwear from Vionic features our exclusive Vio-Motion Support technology. This means comfortable, supportive orthotics are built into every pair and entirely hidden within the shoe.

Get a pair of men’s walking shoes from Vionic today!

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