Back Off Flu!

Western medicine does have its advantages but don’t be so quick to think that that is the only option to keep from getting the flu.

Below are some natural ways that can help you from getting the flu:

1. Eat Garlic

Throughout ancient history garlic was mainly used by the Greeks, the Chinese and the Romans for its health and medicinal benefits. All around the world today, we continue to use garlic for the same medicinal reasons. If you’re a calorie counter there is no need to worry when it comes to consuming garlic because it’s low in calories. It is a high source of Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, fiber and a little bit of everything else. Today, garlic is known to boost your immune system to fight the common flu.

To maximize the amount of nutrients you get from a clove of garlic, you should crush, chop or chew it. Garlic has a very potent taste when being consumed raw so it’s best to mix it with something else. Get in the habit of having at least one raw clove of garlic every day by cutting it however you wish into small pieces, placing it into a glass with about 2 shots of water and taking it all at once.

Always purchase fresh garlic to maximize its health benefits. Although buying it in powder or paste form might be easier, it has less health benefits than fresh garlic. Store your garlic in a cool dry place away from sunlight so it stays as fresh as possible and to prevent sprouting.


2. Drink Lots of Water

Did you know that we can live for nearly a month without food but only a week without water? We are made of nearly 70% water so it makes sense that we need to be consuming at least 8- 10 glasses a day. Regulating your body temperature, increasing metabolism and generating energy are just a few things that water does for your body if consumed on a daily basis. Water also acts as a natural way to flush out any toxins, bacteria and waste you might have in your body that can cause disease or increase your chances of getting sick with the flu.





3. Wash Your Hands

Throughout the day, our hands come in contact with so many things. Think about the number of door knobs, railings, counters, hands, etc you touch without washing your hands in between. Try and make a rule with yourself and your household for everyone to wash their hands when they come home from work or school and before each meal. Make sure everyone washes the top and back of their hands, between the fingers and under their fingernails with warm soapy water for a minimum of 20 seconds. If you are using a public washroom, turn off the taps with a paper towel to keep from applying germs to your hands.


Washing hands.

The odds of you getting the flu is one in five so it’s important to keep your immune system strong. These 3 easy rituals are sure to help you fend of the flu and ensure you won’t be spending your precious time bedridden this winter.

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