#VionicWorkFavs for life-saving nurses!

Critical care nurse protects her feet by wearing Sneakers by Vionic
You may have noticed our #VionicWorkFavs campaign. We want to empower you to feel your best on the job by making sure Vionic offers the style and support you need.

Taking her #VionicWorkFavs out of the office and into the hospital, Annou, a Critical-Care Nurse at UCSF, is life-saving in our supportive walking shoes. She reports that she's worn them every day since she first put them on her feet. And we quote, her "dogs aren't barking!" at the end of the day.

Critical care nurse protects her feet on the job with Walking Shoes by Vionic

(Critical care nursing is that specialty within nursing that deals specifically with human responses to life-threatening problems.)

Now that she has experienced the support offered by Orthaheel Technology, she's going to pick up a few pairs of Vionic sandals before her upcoming trip to Greece.

We wish you a breath-taking and relaxing vacation, Annou! You certainly deserve it!

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