Workwear Takes a Spooky Turn For Halloween!

#VionicWorkFavs - The Halloween Edition! After a long day on her feet, even the mighty and menacing Medusa needs a bit of support to keep going!

Store owner wears comfortable sandals by Vionic as part of her Greek inspired Halloween costume

We caught up with Halloween costume maven Katie Dhuey, co-owner of Affordable Treasures, a local favorite in Los Gatos, CA. Katie and her husband sell everything from party supplies to toys, games, arts & crafts, and of course, the very best Halloween gear.

With staff dressing in costume for the month of October, the store turns into a haunted haven for Halloween aficionados— none with more focus and dedication than Katie. But while she loves to go all-out for her favorite holiday, standing throughout the day while serving customers can take its toll.

This year she discovered Vionic shoes, making it possible for her to both look AND feel the part of a Greek goddess. Vionic shoes have given her the support she needs to keep up her Halloween spirit all day long.

“My new Vionics shoes are so comfortable and give my high arches so much support, I can wear them all day with my costumes, look stylish and my feet aren’t killing me by the end of the night!”

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