10 Reasons To Buy Supportive Slippers

Do you have cozy slippers that you wear around the house to keep your feet warm and comfortable? They’re the best! Slippers are perfect for wearing around the house when you are looking to be comfortable and relaxed, but have you ever noticed that after you wear your slippers your feet are in pain or your lower back is aching? Many people underestimate the importance of having supportive footwear, particularly in regards to comfortable shoes that are worn primarily within the house. Have you ever considered investing in supportive house slippers? Supportive slippers can make a significant difference in helping to reduce your foot and lower back pain caused by unsupportive footwear. To make sure that your cozy slippers aren’t causing you pain, we have researched the best supportive slippers to help you find a pair that suits both your style and your feet, without the guesswork! At Vionic, we believe you should feel knowledgeable and prepared so you can find the perfect pair.


We not only want to help you understand why supportive slippers are important and find the best supportive slippers for you, we have earned a place in the industry as a trusted resource that has dedicated foot doctors, research teams, and shoe stylists, to make sure you never have to sacrifice comfort or fashion to have supportive footwear. If you are wondering if arch supportive slippers are worth the plunge, we have compiled a guide of the top ten reasons to buy supportive bedroom slippers to provide you with the knowledge you need to make the best decision for your feet.


Wait, What Exactly Are Supportive Slippers?

Before you start looking for your perfect pair of arch support slippers, first let’s dive into what exactly supportive slippers are and what makes them different from your average, fuzzy house slippers. While many types of slippers you encounter have no support structure for your foot, supportive slippers possess arch and metatarsal support that help to reduce potential strain on the feet and legs. This additional foot support helps to boost comfort and prevent the onset of ankle and heel pain. Not only will supportive slippers help keep your feet warm and comfortable during the cold months, but they will also be providing your feet with the support they need. Arch support slippers are often crafted specifically for protecting the feet. They are often made using specialized fabrics that are ideally suited to encase and protect the feet, provide proper shock absorption, while keeping them warm and allowing them adequate breathability. Common fabrics utilized in the construction of supportive slippers include sheepskin, cotton, and leather. Now that you’re an expert of what makes supportive slippers different than regular slippers, we’ll educate you on ten of the top reasons to invest in supportive slippers.


The Top 10 Reasons to Buy Supportive Slippers

When looking at a product to invest in, the first question you may ask yourself is “Why should I buy this?” At Vionic, we believe that when you are equipped with information, you can choose footwear that addresses your unique needs. After all, everyone deserves shoes that make them look and feel great! To help you decide whether or not supportive slippers are right for you, we have compiled to top ten benefits of supportive slippers. 


1. They Can Help Promote Blood Flow

Are you ready to ditch foot and heel pain and numb feet from poor circulation? Supportive slippers can help! Our research found that incorporating slippers with arch support can provide you with many unexpected benefits, including the promotion of blood flow, which can reduce the pain and discomfort that poor blood circulation in the feet often causes. While many athletic shoes are designed to help stimulate proper blood flow, many typical house slippers lack the support and infrastructure needed to maintain proper circulation, which can lead to swelling in the feet and ankles. By keeping your foot optimally positioned, supportive slippers can help to maintain optimum blood flow throughout the feet and legs, which can help to reduce any swelling of the ankles and feet. By investing in supportive slippers, that are designed using biomechanics technology, you can ensure that you are providing your feet with exceptional support that is essential in promoting proper blood flow.


2. They Provide Unparalleled Comfort

Have you ever bought a pair of slippers that look comfortable only to get home and find them to be stiff and rigid? If you are looking for a pair of slippers, we know one of the biggest concerns is whether or not they will be comfortable. Comfort is vital in making sure that you enjoy your slippers and that they are serving their purpose in keeping your feet both comfortable and warm. However, when your feet are not receiving necessary support, their overall comfort is significantly diminished. To ensure that you have the most comfortable slippers possible, we believe it is important that you choose slippers that have the arch support that your feet need. Just like with shoes you wear throughout your busy day, we have found it is vital to have house slippers that provide your feet with the support they need to foster true comfort. By investing in house shoes that are designed with supportive features and infrastructure, you can experience unparalleled comfort.


3. They Give You the Amount of Support Your Feet Need

With any footwear, we believe it is vital for your feet to receive the support they need, but unfortunately we know the fashion industry does not always consider comfort. Human feet were not designed to walk on hard surfaces like concrete, tile, marble, and hardwood floors, but that is what most individuals feet encounter throughout the day. When your foot encounters these types of surfaces, it is forced to contour to the ground, which can lead to foot pain and issues as a result. While this impact is often mitigated in the outside world through athletic shoes, boots, or other footwear, it’s easy to forget the impact the floors in your home are having on your foot health and comfort. The human foot is designed to encounter surfaces that are naturally forgiving and contour to the foot, such as dirt and sand. By investing in supportive slippers that are specially designed to form to the foot as these forgiving surfaces would, you can make sure that your feet are receiving the amount of support they need throughout the day, while still having the warmth and comfort of slippers.


4. They Can Help Reduce Foot Pain

If you’ve experienced foot pain, you are far from alone. In fact, foot pain is common for many individuals to experience at some point in their life. Foot pain can be caused by a number of different factors and can result in feeling tired and unmotivated to get out and move. We’ve found that one of the primary culprits of foot pain is unsupportive footwear. At Vionic, we want to make sure you are never deterred from living your life because of foot pain. That’s why we built our business around creating footwear with the supportive features and infrastructure needed to keep you moving comfortably wherever you want to. Many people wear shoes that have some type of supportive infrastructure during the day, but either neglect to wear any footwear at home or wear house shoes with little to no supportive infrastructure. This can result in foot pain as the arch of the foot is not properly supported. By introducing supportive slippers into your life, we believe you can help to provide your feet with the reinforcement they need which can help to reduce foot pain caused by unsupportive footwear.

5. They Can Help Improve Your Balance

Many different factors can influence balance. One factor that can affect balance is the amount of arch support the foot has. When the arch of the foot is properly supported, the foot can maintain better balance. While many athletic shoes are designed to provide arch support that helps with fostering balance, many slippers do not have any supportive infrastructure, which can result in a negative impact on balance. In addition, having a lack of arch support can sometimes make balance more difficult because of the additional strain that is placed on the ankles, feet, and legs as a result. Supportive slippers can help to improve balance by providing the arch support that your feet need.


6. They Can Help Alleviate Foot and Ankle Stress

Supportive and comfortable slippers can impart many benefits you may not have considered. One of the top benefits of supportive slippers is their ability to help alleviate foot and ankle stress caused by unsupportive footwear after a long day on your feet. Slippers are often constructed without taking proper foot care into consideration and lack the internal infrastructure needed to support the feet properly. When not properly supported, your feet can experience many negative consequences, such as additional strain on the foot and ankle due to a lack of arch support. This constant stress on the feet and ankles can lead to discomfort and pain that can completely diminish the comfort you are looking for in slippers. Supportive slippers provide a solution to this by possessing the biomechanics technology to provide your feet with an unparalleled support that can help to alleviate potential stress and strain on the feet and ankles.


7. They Can Help Ease Symptoms of Existing Foot Conditions

Do you suffer from a foot condition like plantar fasciitis? We know that foot conditions can make finding the right supportive footwear for every part of life can be a difficult feat. Footwear with the right support often lacks style, while fashionable footwear lacks the support features and infrastructure you need. One of the most difficult types of supportive footwear to find is supportive house slippers, as many companies do not recognize the importance of proper support in slippers. Because of this, not many companies produce slippers that provide the foot with proper support that aid in preventing further inflammation and pain associated with existing foot conditions. Many existing foot conditions stem from a lack of proper foot support and once they have developed are aggravated by the continued use of footwear that does not provide the arch support that feet rely on. By using supportive slippers it can help ease the symptoms associated with existing foot conditions by providing the arch support and comfort that you need. Supportive slippers don’t need to sacrifice style or comfort to provide their supportive benefits!


8. They Don’t Sacrifice Style

Have you ever found shoes that provide your feet the support they need only to be disappointed with their lackluster appearance? For any type of footwear, we know that style must always be considered. It can be a challenge to find slippers that provide the support the feet need, while still being fashionable and stylish. To provide you with supportive slippers that don’t sacrifice style, Vionic integrates leading technology with fashion-forward style and utilizes high-quality materials to make sure that no corners are cut, and the final product is beautifully made. By investing in supportive slippers, we believe it is possible to live both stylishly and comfortably in slippers that provide unparalleled support and a sophisticated and elegant appearance. Whoever says beauty is pain hasn’t walked a mile in Vionic!


9. They Help Prevent the Feet and Ankles From Swelling

We know swollen feet and ankles can make you feel uncomfortable and comprise your ability to get out and do what you love. Did you know swelling can occur due to a lack of proper blood flow to the feet and ankles, which can be caused by a number of serious health conditions? When your feet and ankles begin to swell, we know it can be uncomfortable and exacerbate pre-existing health conditions. For some, swelling in the feet in ankles can result in difficulty moving joints and pain, which can be a deterrent from moving and being active. Supportive slippers help to properly support the feet, which can help to improve blood flow to the feet and ankles. By boosting blood flow, supportive slippers can help prevent swollen feet and ankles from negatively affecting your mobility.


10. They Will Help Foster Continuous Support

Continuous support of the feet is critical to prevent foot conditions, such as plantar fasciitis, from developing. By wearing shoes that fit well and provide the feet with the support they need, you can reduce the likelihood of developing common foot conditions. Slippers often lack the supportive structure needed to make sure the arch is properly supported, so we recommend investing in a pair of supportive slippers that make sure the foot is supported properly.


If you are looking for unparalleled support in a cozy pair of slippers, we’re here to help. Whether you suffer from constant heel problems or plantar fasciitis, our slippers will provide your feet with good arch support, extra stability, and the perfect amount of shock absorption. Wearing slippers in the house doesn’t just help keep your feet warm, they also help support your foot for optimal alignment and comfort. Vionic’s slippers with arch support harness pioneering biomechanics technology and high-quality materials to produce beautifully made supportive slippers that allow you to live stylishly and confidently. In Vionic’s supportive slippers, leading technology is paired with fashion-forward style to manufacture products in which no corners are cut. Whether you go for moccasins, faux fur mules, or the popular flip-flop style slippers, our selection has something for everyone. Vionic’s science-backed innovative roots have led to the development of supportive slippers designed to provide your feet with the support they need in an elegant, sophisticated, and supportive slipper.

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