Back Pain

A variety of issues can contribute to lower back pain, but did you know that how your feet and legs move is often a big source of lower back pain? Poor alignment can cause suffering and prevent you from participating in vital daily activities such as proper exercise and sleep. It can affect quality of life in general, from being less productive at work to feeling less active on the weekends. If you have experienced back problems in the past, or are currently experiencing issues, we may have an answer for you.


When your feet pronate too much, the lower leg rotates internally. This forces the pelvis to tilt forward, which can cause an increased curvature of the lower back. This is one example of poor body posture. These postural changes can cause achiness and stiffness in the lower back muscles, especially after standing for long periods. You might find that stretching helps temporarily, but relief doesn't last and the pain will return.

Not all back pain is caused by excess pronation, however it is an important preventative measure to be sure your gait (how you walk) is not affecting the natural curvature of your spine, causing misalignment which could eventually lead to achiness and pain.


Controlling over-pronation with orthotics can help by improving your body posture. When the feet become properly aligned, the internal rotation of the legs and forward pelvic tilt are greatly reduced. Supportive footwear can help achieve proper alignment. This alignment, from the ground up, should help relieve aches in the spine, hips, knees and even the neck.

The award-winning Orthaheel® Technology built directly into Vionic sandals, shoes and slippers can provide almost instant relief from aches in other lower body joints. The breakthrough technology assists in restoring the foot's natural (neutral) alignment, enabling the feet, ankles and legs to dynamically function as nature intended. This realignment can help relieve pain all the way up through the back.