JENNY MCCONNELL - World-Class Physiotherapist

An Australian physiotherapist in private practice, Jenny McConnell lectures and publishes widely about chronic problems affecting the combined structure of bone and muscle (musculoskeletal problems). A competitor in the 1972 Olympics, Jenny has a rich background in sports that informs her practice. She has a keen understanding of the influence of posture on activity, and has developed innovative taping techniques that can prompt immediate pain relief and enhance treatment effects by holding joints in a neutral position.

To share her pioneering approaches more broadly, Jenny launched the McConnell Institute—a valuable training ground for physical therapists, athletic trainers, and other health care practitioners seeking to improve their management of chronic knee, lower limb, shoulder, and low back problems.

In 2000, the Australian government awarded Jenny an Australian Sports Medal for her service as a practitioner and researcher, in particular for her development of innovative pain management techniques and treatment. In 2006, Jenny received the prestigious F.E. Johnson Memorial Fellowship for outstanding achievement by an established researcher in the field of science and medicine in sport.

Jenny’s wealth of experience and knowledge, especially about the biomechanical principles involved in the treatment of lower limb conditions, brings an invaluable resource to the Vionic Innovation Lab. And, her collaboration with Vasyli Medical has led to many innovations, such as the Vasyli-McConnell slimfit orthotic for heels and sandals.