Autumn / Winter 2018
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Hannah Spohn

Hannah Spohn

I am a dog-mom, wife, fitness professional, and happy-life lover. My blog is a place where I reflect, communicate, and teach what I wish my best girlfriends or clients knew about their own health and wellness. Self love is a big focus of my blog. I want everyone who passes through to feel welcomed, loved, and motivated to strive to live a balanced and fulfilled life.

View the Vionic Miles Active Sneaker
View the Vionic Miles Active Sneaker shop Miles

what do you love about this shoe?

“This shoe fits my foot so well! The sole makes me feel like I am walking on a supportive yet solid pillow. Vionic definitely nailed it with making a stylish, colorful, and comfortable active shoe!”

how did you get into personal training?

“I always knew that I wanted to help people however I could, and I have a natural love and interest in the medical field. Slowly, it shifted to the simplicity of preventative care, and to me, that’s where fitness and nutrition play a massive role. Personal training with me is definitely about setting out to see physical results and progress, but I also challenge my clients to look inward and see how they change from the daily choices they make while focusing on a healthier life.”

how would you describe your everyday style?

“My everyday style is mostly activewear since I am usually teaching my various group fitness classes each morning, but then I’m running around between clients, meetings, and other classes! I love having a shoe that keeps up with me and looks super cute.”

what do you look for in an active shoe?

“I have always struggled with finding a balance between my fashion sense and my constant desire to be comfortable. Shoes in my mind can make or break an outfit or workout! I look for functionality. With all that I do, between teaching my boxing or pilates classes, personal training with clients, and running around in between, I want a shoe that can fit all roles.”

View Vionic Miles Active Sneaker
Detail shot of Miles Active Sneaker

How to wear it

Check out how Hannah styles the Miles with her favourite wardrobe staples.

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