Spring / Summer 2019
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Anne-Marie Dumas

Anne-Marie Dumas


My name is Anne-Marie. I am a lifestyle blogger focusing on petite fashion, travel and beauty. I want to connect with other fashion-forward millennial women and bring positivity to their lives.

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what do you love about this shoe?

“This shoe is cute, my feet feel fully supported and I feel like I could wear them all day pain free!”

what does being unstoppable mean to you?

“Being unstoppable means not being afraid to pursue your passions.”

What’s your unstoppable story?

“I have a full-time job in a completely different industry, but fashion blogging is my passion and if I had not taken the dive, I never would be where I am today.”

View Vionic Tawny
View Vionic Tawny

How to wear it

Check out how Anne-Marie styles our Tawny with her favorite wardrobe staples.

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HOW TO WEAR IT: mid-week day date

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HOW TO WEAR IT: evening concert