Spring / Summer 2018
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Zia Domic

Zia Domic

Hunter Collector is the personal style blog of Zia Domic, an LA-based actor, mother and fashion addict who believes in hunting and collecting all things stylish.

what does the vionic
secret mean to you?

“The Vionic Secret resonates with me because style and comfort can coexist, and as a working mother that’s extremely important!” 

what’s your secret to doing or being your best?

“My secret to being my best is lots of sleep. It’s the one thing that I cannot fake. If I’m not well-rested, it reflects everything I do... including getting dressed!”

How would you describe your personal style?

“My personal style is classic with a little bit of rocker chic or boho thrown in.”


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what do you love
about this shoe?

“I love that this shoe embodies my personal style. It’s a classic shape but its black leather makes it edgy and unique.”

How to wear it

Check out how Zia styles the Syra with her favorite wardrobe staples.


Fashion Hunting

Fashion Hunting Outfit

Casting Call

Casting Call Outfit