Spring / Summer 2019
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Dileiny Rodriguez

Dileiny Rodriguez


Every mom knows that juggling between her personal and work life is a big challenge. In this constant juggle, it’s easy to forget about yourself and just grab leggings and an oversized T-shirt before heading out the door. Dileiny Rodriguez, a New Jersey native and founder of Love Fashion and Friends, has only one thing in mind: to show all moms-all women- that it’s simple to look polished. With her easy-to-follow style tips, you’ll only wish to have heard of her before.

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what do you love
about this shoe?

“I love a shoe that is super versatile, I can wear them with pretty much about anything! A dress, jeans, sweats, you name it! I also love how comfy they are!”

what does being unstoppable mean to you?

“Being unstoppable to me means that nothing gets in the way of me and my goals. Being unstoppable means doing it all while looking like you haven’t broken a sweat.”

what’s your unstoppable story?

“I started a blog over 10 years ago and I ended up quitting shortly after. I was a young single mom with a lot on my plate. I then started a blog 3 years ago and was determined to make it work and promised I would not to give up. I’ve been able to grow my blog into a full time job amidst planning a wedding, having a second child and maintaining a corporate job while growing my business. I quit about 3 months ago and have been unstoppable ever since!”

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How To Wear the Vionic Keke

How to wear it

Check out how Dileiny styles our Keke with her favorite wardrobe staples.

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HOW TO WEAR IT: urban sunrise stroll

dropping in on friends

HOW TO WEAR IT: dropping in on friends