Spring / Summer 2019
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Arielle Berneman

Arielle Berneman

I’m Arielle, creator of Sweat in SD; a fitness, wellness and lifestyle brand. My love for fitness, wellness skincare, beauty, and everyday life is everything Sweat in SD stands for. My goal is to show you can do it all and live a very healthy, balanced life – all with a spicy margarita in hand.

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what do you love
about this shoe?

“This shoe is perfect for everything. I love how versatile it is. I went from wearing it to work out, straight to happy hour right after. It’s easy and stylish!”

what does being unstoppable
mean to you?

“Being unstoppable to me means
not allowing anything to get in my way. We all
have obstacles in our lives but it’s what we do
when those obstacles come our way that matter.”

what’s your
unstoppable story?

“I suffered from adult acne for six years. It was a constant struggle. I felt like I tried everything and nothing seemed to work. I refused to give up. I refused to live with the fact that I was going to have acne for life. So, I kept searching for even more ways to get rid of my acne. Finally, after many trials and errors, I found what worked for me. I gave up dairy, gluten, and coffee and just like that, it was gone. I would have never figured it out if I stopped trying!”

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How to wear the Vionic Kani

How to wear it

Check out how Arielle styles our Kani with her favorite wardrobe staples.

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post-yoga meet-up

HOW TO WEAR IT: post yoga meet up

twilight stroll

HOW TO WEAR IT: twilight stroll