Spring / Summer 2021
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Hi everyone! My name is Katie Kennedy. I’m the writer behind Orange to Apple, a Florida‑based style and travel blog. In my 9‑to‑5 life, I’m also a Community Manager for an educational tech and publication company.

why is the tala sandal a staple in your wardrobe?

“Being in Florida, when I find a pair of sandals I love, I have the luxury of wearing them almost 365 days a year. The pale blush color of these is subtle enough to be worn with nearly everything in my closet, but has just enough vibrance to be that pop of color in an all‑white outfit.”

what makes the tala sandal perfect for spring/summer?

“As a born‑and‑raised Floridian, I practically grew up barefoot. Because of that, I love slip‑on ease … which is what this sandal is all about. Also, I walk a ton. Vionic arch support has been crucial for my overall foot health.”

where do you see yourself wearing your tala sandals?

“Honestly, where can’t you wear them? Date nights, coffee meet‑ups, running errands. I’ll also be slipping them into my travel suitcase; never know when you’ll need a packable supportive pair!”

how would you style your tala sandals?

“I gave them my typical style treatment: White jeans, white t‑shirt, and a fun tweed jacket to make it feel a touch dressy. From head to toe, this outfit says a night out on the Florida Gulf Coast.”

The Vionic Tala sandal
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Katie’s Rating

The first time I wore my Talas, I ended up having
them on all day. When I finally got to sit down,
I realized my feet didn’t bother me once.
You can have both style and comfort in one perfect shoe!”