Spring / Summer 2021
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My name is Ashley Hutchinson‑James. I’m a full‑time operations manager for a global e‑commerce company. In my spare time, I love to express myself on social media through personal style and storytelling to motivate, uplift, and connect with other women.

what makes the aris sneaker perfect for spring/summer?

“It’s great for this time of year because it’s lightweight, breathable, and can be styled in a variety of ways.”

where do you see yourself wearing the aris sneaker?

“I see myself wearing them at the park (running behind my active toddler!), at a casual brunch date with my husband, and on a socially‑distanced summer vacation with my family.”

tell us how you’d style your aris sneakers.

“I enjoyed styling them with a tie‑dye sweatsuit set as well as with a denim outfit. You can really wear Aris with everything.”

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why is the aris sneaker a staple in your wardrobe?

“It’s a wardrobe staple because of how versatile it is. I’m a firm believer in only adding items to my wardrobe that can be worn multiple ways, and I’ve already worn this sneaker with several outfits since getting them.”

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