Care FAQ's

Do you recommend anything for blisters or chafing?

We recommend that you apply a blister protection product on your skin such as FOOTGLIDE Foot Care, FAB FEET BLISSTICK or BAND AID Friction Block which may provide a barrier against the chafing.

How do I clean my sandals shoes or orthotics?

To clean our products, we recommend you wipe with a damp cloth and air dry under indirect sunlight.

We do not recommend the following:
  • Submerge in water or use solvents to clean products.
  • Expose products to extreme temperatures.
  • Commercial dry cleaning or home wash/dry laundry machines are not recommended.

What do you recommend for squeaky footwear?

It could be that your orthotic is squeaking because it is rubbing against the upper of the shoe. Locate the area of the shoe where the squeak is coming from. Lift the orthotic and sprinkle baby powder or baking soda inside this area. Leave the powder inside and insert the orthotic back into the shoe. Let the shoe set overnight.

Do you have a recommendation for eliminating sandal odor?

Eliminate odor and effectively clean and deodorize foot beds by stopping cell growth and multiplication of bacteria and fungi which can cause odor and itchiness. Naturally prevents bacteria and mold growth.

The Walking Company has a great product that could help reduce odor and better yet help reduce fungi growth!

Please visit the link below: