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We are here to support everyone who is staying home and staying safe during this particularly strange time in the world, and we are also here to support those who do not have the option of staying home.

To those on the front-lines: the medical staff, the grocery store attendants, the sanitation workers, the garbage collectors, the transport crews, the policemen and women (the list goes on)... thank you for keeping society going right now and for being there for all of us.

Here’s how we’re showing our ongoing support: 30% OFF FOR FRONT-LINE WORKERS

Here’s the process – we'll keep it easy.

  1. Place your order on our website. Once placed, email our customer care team at and we will adjust the price of your order to ensure you received 30% off the full regular retail price of each item.
  2. Within your email, please include:
    • Order Number
    • Your full name
    • Job Industry
    • Company Name
    • Job Title
    • Attached photo of your work badge or name tag

Available only to residents of Canada.

not all heroes
wear capes

Style that gives support to those
who give us comfort.

Support the Front-Line

not all heroes wear capes

Style that gives support to those who give us comfort.

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