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Do’s and Don’ts of Men’s Business Casual Style
Jun 11, 2018

Do’s and Don’ts of Men’s Business Casual Style

In today’s modern society, there has been a radical shift in the standards of workplace attire. Many work environments are adopting the business casual dress code. But it’s still important to put care into how you look, even if it’s a jeans-and-tee sort of job. So how can you balance the “business” with the “casual” while still maintaining a professional air? DON’T: DON’T wear ill-fitting garments. Have yourself professionally measured, if need be, to ensure that you never look sloppy. Too tight or too loose is never a good look, no matter the dress code. DON’T be afraid of colour. Neutrals with a strong accent colour—a simple t-shirt or jacket—can create a look that stands out. Find colours that work...
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